Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Baby Maia

*Updated 5/26: Little Maia is now perfectly healed and being rocked in Jesus' arms. Please continue to lift up Shannon & Elias before the Throne of God for perfect peace. We know that His grace is sufficient and we pray it on them today.*


This sweet girl stole our hearts 10 months ago today. She was born with HLHS, like our Annabelle, and her Mommy loves her in pink. (What more do I need to say? I was in love!) Earlier today, her parents updated their website with these words “Hoping for a miracle, praying for God’s Will”. From experience, I know that it is only in the most helpless times that you find that you can wholly rely on asking for God’s perfect will to be done…regardless of what that may come to mean. Friends, please pray with me for this beautiful family. I encourage you to visit their site HERE & leave them a note letting them know that you are blanketing them in prayer. Only HIS perfect peace can touch and comfort hearts in times like these.


Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

Thanks for letting us know. Will pray!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

What a heartbreak. Sometimes, I can't even bear to think about what these families must be going through. I prayed for this family all night and will continue to do so. I'm glad that she has you as a friend... I'm sure you will be able to bring her much needed advice in the coming days and months.

Evie's Story said...

Oh Rebecca. THere are no words.
Crying and praying alongside you for this family.....and for you always!

Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

Tears tonight for that sweet family. Praise God that they will see her again!!