Monday, May 24, 2010

It’s playoff time!

Wyatt’s team has their division’s best record for the season & celebrated with their 14th win on Friday night!


14-2 isn’t bad for your first year in Coach’s Pitch!


It’s been a great season! 025

Now, it’s time for the playoffs!!!



Evie's Story said...

Rebecca, you have gotten GOOD! THose pictures are simply awesome!! Some beautifully captured priceless moments!

Are we still friends?:-)

Sorry we keep missing eachothers calls! HUGS<3 <3

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Gosh... those are GREAT pictures! Please tell me again what kind of camera you got... I'm asking for that for my birthday! Wyatt is quite the professional looking baseball player... he is so cute! Congrats to him on making the playoffs! Noah's TBall season hasn't even started yet!

The Chavis Family said...

Great pictures Rebecca! Wyatt looks so grown up. I didn't realize he was a lefty. :)