Thursday, May 20, 2010

9 Months of JOY


Wow!  Luke you are 9 months old already! What?  You don’t believe me???


See, I told you!  You are 9 months old, my sweet bear!


We went to Dr. G yesterday morning for your 9 month well visit and you checked out great!  You have quite a vocabulary for a little one, too!  You say four words…Da-da (usually “Aye, Dada” all together), Bub-ba for Wyatt, Aye for Hey & your most favorite thing to say is “Bye-bye”.  You also just started waving bye-bye with your hand opening and shutting towards yourself.  So cute! 

Just two days ago, as Mommy was putting you in your crib for naptime you looked at me and said “bye-bye”.  I guess you were ready for me to leave you alone! :)

You are nothing like we expected you to be, my love.  You are BETTER than everything we expected!  God sure does give us exactly what we need!  We have learned that lesson perfectly with you!


Some other big milestones that you’ve hit recently are…

~You are taking a sippy cup now and love it!  You never really took a bottle but you think it’s so much cooler to have a cup.  So far, you only have one cup that is truly yours & you got it from your girlfriend Lindsay!  She’s thinks you are Prince Charming & so do we!

~You love the johnny jump up and bounce from wall to wall in that thing…talking screaming the entire time!


~You still only have your bottom two teeth but your upper right fang just cut through yesterday…the other fang tooth is right behind it.  I think you’re going to have a funny looking smile before too long!

~You are very loud!  By far the loudest fan at your big brother’s ball games (you actually enjoy watching them, too)!  There’s not a place we go that you don’t get noticed!


~You smile all the time!  You are such a happy baby!  (But, heaven forbid you get hungry or sleepy…we better give you what you want right away or you get mad!)

~You have never watched the television. (Except for the time that you wouldn’t go to bed and Daddy stayed up with you watching SportsCenter on ESPN.  You loved that!  You will also on occasion watch baseball on TV…as long as your big brother is watching alongside of you.)  Mommy has tried to show you Baby Einstein movies and all sorts of things that I thought babies enjoyed but you have no interest whatsoever!  You would much rather watch real people in real life!


~You have had four haircuts already.  The last time Mommy just trimmed your bangs because I love your curls in the back!  You require lots of detangler and hair brushing but you love to have your hair brushed so it’s lots of fun for both of us!

~You are 17 lbs 15 ounces and 27 3/4 inches long!  You, my baby boy, are turning out to be one tall, skinny handsome guy!


~You wear at least 12 months clothes (for the length) and a size 3 diaper.  I have no clue what size shoes you wear because I never put them on you.  I love a barefooted baby in the summertime!  So, we’ll figure that one out when you actually start using your feet! :)

~You love your big brother more than anything!  You just know he hung the moon & you try to eat him every time he gets within two feet of you (which is a lot)!  Mommy & Daddy get the biggest smiles watching our boys love on each other.  Wyatt has even started teaching you how to play catch and you think you are something with a baseball!

~The sweetest moment happened just a few mornings ago.  Wyatt got up and came to cuddle in bed with Mommy and you for a few minutes and he grabbed Sissy’s picture of off my nightstand and brought her into bed with us.  He was telling you all about your big sister.  You just kept trying to get her bow!  I pray for more moments like those…and I know that Wyatt will share her in ways no one else could with you!


Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for 9 beautiful months with our Luke!  He has gently healed our hearts and reminds us constantly of HOPE that only comes from YOU!


Evie's Story said...

Oh Rebecca! He just couldnt be any cuter!! Great new pics....and I love the Annabelle story!

I miss you. How can we live in the same city and it have been so long?:-)

The Hardy Family said...

Happy 9 months, Luke!! You are such a precious blessing sweet boy!!

Jessica said...

Happy 9 Months, Luke! I love reading about all that you're doing. What a blessing you are to your Mommy and Daddy and your big brother!

Jonathan said...

Rebecca, I just love reading your posts. Luke is so stinkin cute. In some ways I think God gave us similar little boys. Case is very loud to, and very smiley, and when he is mad and wants something or wants to eat he lets you know. What a blessing we have both been giving. I am sure you are like me that during these times I miss Lindsay a lot. I know that she would be such a little mother to Case just like Annabelle would be to Luke. I can just picture the to of them in heaven watching both boys and laughing at them. We have been blessed beyond measures.
Love to you,

Shannon said...

Happy 9 months Luke!! You are SO precious!

The Chavis Family said...

Luke is so cute!! I can't believe he's 9 months old. I love your pictures...your new camera rocks! :)

The Hoffman Family said...

Your little Luke is adorable! 9 months is a great age! Molly just turned 9 months on Monday and she is sweet bundle of joy to us!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Aww - Luke is ADORABLE!!! Lauren is standing here with me and wants to see the baby - he is too sweet!!!!
I can't believe he is already 9 months old. Hope you all are doing well!!!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Happy 9 months Luke! I know he has brought you so much joy... who couldn't look at him and not smile?!?! And who needs Baby Einstein when he is already speaking 4 words... he's an Einstein already! What a precious little miracle he is!

Love to you and that sweet boy...