Thursday, April 15, 2010


Luke’s got a new favorite…


He tried it out for the first time yesterday and was all smiles!


Wyatt loves helping push his baby brother…although he thinks that his Bear-bear likes super speed!


And this, my friends, is his new thing…


We found out today that not just his top two front teeth are cutting but ALL four across the top are making their way through!  He’s got good reason to suck his lip if ya’ ask me!


So, I am soaking up this precious little two toothy grin as much as I can!

Can you tell I got a new camera???!!!  I am really looking forward to trying out my new lens this weekend at some ball games!  Wyatt just doesn’t get much enjoyment out of sitting in the grass and posing! :)


g-ma-vicki said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! It gave me my first smile for the day.

Jonathan said...

Case has four up top coming in as well. It's crazy isn't it. He is so stinkin cute. We just a new camera to and I love ours. We got a panasonic lumix. What kind did you get? Love to you.

Laura Groen

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! He just couldn't be cuter! What kind of camera did you get? And more importantly, is it hard to use? I really would like to get something better as I am not happy with my picture quality anymore. But I don't know how to work anything complicated :)

Unknown said...

That's it! The next time we see Luke at church I'm just going to kiss those cheeks off! Beware, crazy, kissy red-headed lady coming through!

Jean & Jack

Shannon said...

The pictures look great! I guess it's helpful to have such a great model, huh? :) Luke is precious, as always. I can't wait to see Wyatt's spread!

The Chavis Family said...

GREAT pictures!! The new camera is great. :) The pictures of Luke in the swing are so sweet.