Thursday, March 04, 2010

Future Bachelor?

You all know how babies seem to get all the attention…and that has been no exception at our home either these days.  My biggest boy has been wonderful at helping out, lending a hand and doing all things “Big Brother” for his little bear bear.  One of my favorite things about Wyatt is the funny sayings that he comes up with.  Scott began years ago writing all of his Wyatt-isms in a journal that he can pass on to him when he gets older.  This is definitely one for the book!

As we were waiting at the pediatrician’s office this morning, Wyatt starts talking about his birthday party (which has been a hot topic lately and seems to change with the wind).  He decides to quiz me on what themes of parties he’s had so far…so he begins:

Wyatt:  “Mommy, do you remember my second birthday?”

Me:  “Yes, darling, it was John Deere.”

Wyatt: “Yep.  Do you remember my third birthday?”

Me: “Of course, son.  We took you and Susannah to see Disney on Ice.”

Wyatt:  “Yep.  Mommy, I think I want to do that again.”

Me:  “Okay. Do you want to take Susannah again, too?”

Wyatt:  “Yep.  Except this time I want to take her and Scarlett.”

Me:  “Do you think you may want to take another boy with you this time?”  (thinking that since he’s older and I thought at some point around now girls got cooties, he’d want to invite the guys)

Wyatt:  “Nope.  I want to take two girls.  Yep, that’s what I want to do.”

Then he looks at me with one of those light bulb moments like I came up with this idea of dating two sweet little girls at the same time at the ripe age of almost 6…and he says: “Mommy, that’s a gggrrrreeeaaatttt idea!”

I guess he’s keeping his options open, huh?



The Simmons Family said...

That's hilarious!! Sounds like you're going to be the "fourth" wheel on a very intense date. Good thing he has to send BOTH girls at the end of the night and come home with you! :)

Sarah Leech said...

i hope to see these precious boys tomorrow!!! :)

The Chavis Family said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious!!! :)

The Ridgway Family said...

That is great!!! I love the things they come up with to say, you just have to laugh at times. Never too young I guess to keep your options open with a cute girl!

The picture is darling and I am still so envious of all of Luke's hair. It is amazing and he is a doll. Can you believe how fast they are growing up? They are both so adorable.

Love, Keisa

Our Family said...

That is awesome! What a cute little man. Thinking of you and your family often during this time.

Shannon said...

That is hilarious!! Definitely one for the books...great to pull out if he brings one of those girls home when he's in high school! Ha!

RHONDA said...

Lol! That is are so funny..


Evie's Story said...

You're a funny guy Wyatt:-)

jan tompkins said...

Hi there,

More pics of Mr. Wyatt and Lukie,

Hope you all are well. Think of all of you often, especially the Angel!

Love, Miss Jan

Miller Family said...

Oh he sounds alot like my Colin. When I ask him who he plays with at recess, he always lists at least 4 little girls and maybe 2 boys. He is definitely my charmer and Wyatt looks like he is too!!!! Ty used to be the same way and he still invites girls to his birthdays, but I think by 2nd grade the pressure of boys being with boys and girls being with girls starts to stand out. Keep enjoying this precious time as I know you will!!

The Mason Family said...