Monday, December 28, 2009

Whatcha doin’???

Personally, I am enjoying getting back to the routine of things around here!  I am such a Type A personality that it’s not even funny!  Scott begged me not to be Scrooge the day after Christmas because by 4pm on Saturday I already had ALL the inside Christmas decorations down, packed up and back in the attic.  Seriously.  He made me promise to leave the outside stuff up for a few more days so our neighbors don’t think we are complete Scrooges.  I obliged on that one since he’s the one that’s going to be taking that stuff down and it’s way too cold for this southern girl to spend more than a few minutes outdoors.  Yes, Suzie, it’s supposed to be 30ish tonight! BURRRRR!

I hope y’all had a great CHRISTmas!  We truly did.  It was filled with faith, family, friends and fantastic food!  My soul was fed and my spirit nourished through this Advent season.  Goodness, I just think about the awesome wonder of Christmas morning in Wyatt’s eyes…it gives me the best possible glimpse of what my daughter experiences every. single. second.  And, it’s breathtaking to even imagine.  I love that the most. 

Wyatt got a Wii…of which he has begged for over a year now.  Is it just me or do y’all protest video games, too?  This Wii thing is pretty cool though.  Santa let me practice on it Thursday night.  Smart me chose boxing (and rocked it, by the way) and could hardly move Friday.   Apparently, there are these tiny little muscles that surround your spinal cord that get a workout when you box.  Who knew?

Our family rule is that whoever (Wyatt) wakes up first on Christmas morning has to sit in their bed and yell “Happy Birthday, Jesus!”.  Well, we heard it at 1:30am, 1:50am, 3:30am and finally at 5:30am we caved.  We then all pile up on our bed and pray together and share the real Christmas Story before seeing what Santa left behind.  Wyatt is really starting to understand it more and more.  It thrills me to no end to see him growing spiritually.  He’s begun asking more and more questions about Jesus and salvation.  Oh, my heart is so FULL knowing he is growing in his quest for knowing our SAVIOR personally and intimately!  He has the sweetest little spirit and is so tender hearted.  Once he gives his life to Christ, I know he will be used in mighty ways!

So, friends…I just wanted to take a moment to chat.  I got a fancy new desktop for Christmas and I’ve yet to figure out pictures on it (not that I’ve had a ton of time to play with that part of it yet but I did figure out the live writer thing that will post to the “blob”…wow!).  So, as soon as I get some time to work on that, I look forward to sharing some special pictures with y’all.

Oh…one more thing…Luke had his 4 month well visit this morning and had a great checkup!  He is grabbing at toys now and laughs this contagious little giggle that will make you cry it’s so precious!GOD IS SO GOOD! 

Can we please stop time for just a little bit???  I am loving this moment of our lives so much.

Blessings, friends!


Evie's Story said...

So glad you guys had a special CHRISTmas! Your comments were disabled in your last post, but I LOVED seeing your Charleston Christmas Eve tradition pics. Know that ministered to those working at MUSC on the holiday.
Lets get together this week. I miss you friend!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas... I can hear the JOY in your post! I'm so glad!

Even though I, too, have the "itch" to tear down the decorations, clean and dust, I'm trying to hold out a bit longer! We still have Christmas to celebrate because we missed two celebrations due to a stomach bug (Emily the first time, and then ME on Christmas Eve and Day)! Talk about upsetting a Type A person... just give her the flu and keep her in bed for Christmas Eve and Day!

I can't believe you were able to get up at 5:30... even on Christmas! That's impressive! And I love your tradition of praying in bed before heading out to see the "loot"! Noah came in and crawled in bed with us on Christmas morning. I was so proud of him because the very first thing he said was "Mommy, it's Baby Jesus' birthday!" It is so sweet to see our little ones really "getting it"!

And I, too, am a hold out on the video games :) We decided to wait another year for the Wii... I'm sure it will be a "must have" next year though! We ended up with a drum set, harmonica, and piano - things are quite LOUD around here :) Fortunately, Emily's baby dolls don't make too much noise!

So glad to hear that all is well in your household! Looking forward to new pictures soon!

Love to you...

The Hands said...

It's so wonderful when you begin to see the Holy Spirit drawing your little one into relationship with Jesus. A parents soul gets a feeling beyond explanation. Yes, God is SO Good.

Rebecca said...

Girl, it IS COLD!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHA!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. We did, too! I'm just enjoying having Eric home with me and the kids this week!! See you soon!

Rebecca said...

Oh, and our tree came down the day after Christmas when we returned from my in-laws. We are soooo bad but we needed room for all the new toys! ;)

The Simmons Family said...

I'm glad your Christmas was beautiful! Nothing quite beats the joy I feel when Kamryn comes asking about Jesus and what Christmas is all about.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all... and if you figure out how to slow down time, let me know!

The Hardy Family said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas!! Tyler is enjoying the Wii, too like Wyatt!! Stay warm!! See you soon! Oh yea, Robbie is like you when it comes to getting the decorations down! :)

Our Family said...

I am so glad that you all had such an amazinbg Christmas. Our kiddos got a Wii, too. I must also admit that boxing made me a bit (ok, a lot) sore, too. I thought the same about Luke as you did about Annabelle: what an amazing thing they get to do: celebrating Jesus' birthday with Him! Christmas is so magical here...I can't imagine what it is like with Him. I know that your Annabelle is so thankful to see her Mommy and Daddy so happy and full of joy. I'm sure it is just what she wanted for Christmas. Take care of yourself and call me when you get a chance--we need to catch up...BIG TIME! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!