Thursday, December 10, 2009

Praying friends,

***Updated 12/11: Thank you, thank you, precious friends! Your prayers were felt this morning as Scott and I shared our family's testimony for nearly 40 minutes. The DJ was great and we both felt very pleased with how the interview turned out. We will keep you updated as to the stations and times it will be aired. I know for certain that two radio stations in the Charleston area will run the radiothon. I imagine they both have website listening, too, so we'll let you know! It will be aired beginning on Annabelle's 2nd birthday, January 28th, and run through the 30th. God is good!!!***

I have felt many times throughout the past two years or more your prayers carrying me through...loss, joy, pain, sadness, anticipation, and so very much more. I believe in the power of prayer because of praying friends like you. That's why I am asking again for your prayers...

Scott and I have been asked by the MUSC Children's Hospital Fund to do an interview to be aired on their Radiothon. Since we aren't in the Charleston area, we are doing a phone interview tomorrow morning that will be put to music and aired on two stations in the Charleston area during the 3 day radiothon...beginning on Annabelle's 2nd birthday.

The DJ is calling at 10:40 EST Friday morning and the interview is expected to last up to an hour. We will be sharing Annabelle's beautiful story including the Annabelle Baskets.

It has always been our prayer that our daughter, through life and death, bring glory to God. We know that it is no coincidence that her story has gotten the recognition that it has. We promised God long before we welcomed her into the world that we would honor Him and His plan for her...whatever that may be. We know that this is another door He is opening for us to do just that.

Please pray His peace and strength on us as we share our sweet little angel to so many.

Thank you for walking this road with us...and carrying us part of the way.


Kacy said...

Wow. Simply amazing how one tiny and precious little girl is bringing joy and glory to God in such an awesome way.

Jonathan said...

You got it Rebecca!! You kind of scared me at first to :). Let us know how it goes and if there is anyway to listen to it.

Brandi Leonhardt said...

That is awesome!! Sending prayers and hugs your way!!

Evie's Story said...

Oh Friend...goosebumps as I consider the magnitude of the impact her little life and legacy continue to have, Know you will be upheld in prayer through this interview that you may "be always ready to give an answer for the hope to which you have been called"...That peace will prevade your heart and that you will be given the words to share this sweet girl with others.

Loved bumping into you today...glad we're small town USA neighbors:-) Praying for sweet Luke too!!

Kim said...

Dear friends- It is so amazing everyday how God uses our precious girls to influence and touch the lives of so many that we couldn't ever have imagined reaching. May God use you all as His vessel tomorrow. My prayers are with you both as I know how hard it can be to share her story, but God will give you the strength and words to say. I am sure Annabelle and Bella will be praying for you all as well. Love- Kim

RHONDA said...

I will be praying. I am so amazed. I hope we will be able to hear it where we are. Remember several months ago, when we talked about you one day speaking to my women's group...I told you that God has great things for you to do ..Annabelle was here for a special reason and you are her voice. She is a light to this dark world and she will forever be remembered and her light will shine through you. I know it is going to be awesome and touch many many people...all for his Glory. Love you girl!!

Rhonda ~

The Chavis Family said...

I just read your post and it's 9:26 am...I'll be praying for you & Scott in the next 2 hours to come!! :)

Elaine said...

Oh, Rebecca and have my prayers, as always. Your post, and all of the responses are so moving they bring me to tears. To see how you have used your journey with your precious Annabelle to help others is so inspiring. I just know that God is holding Annabelle's hand and they are watching you give testimony to what your faith has allowed you to do for others. We are so very proud of you all.

Love, Elaine

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Thought about you and prayed for you all morning as you bravely shared the story of your precious daughter's story with the Charleston area. I wish there was a way for me to hear your words... if there is a link, please let us know. You already have touched so many through Annabelle's legacy, and I'm certain many, many more will be touched as they hear your words as part of this broadcast. You are an amazing woman and mother, Rebecca!


Lindsay Dean said...

The prayers will NEVER stop for you sweet friend! i can't wait to hear it........or should i say "cry"! Love you lots!

PS We have over 12inches of snow now! Glad you live in SC? ha ha Someday y'al should come up here so Wyatt and Luke can play in the "real" stuff! ;-)