Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Fun...and a Bazaar!

We had a blast this morning at our MOPS Fall Festival! I've been debating for months (okay, maybe just 2) about what they would be for halloween. If you know me well, you know that it is imperative that the boys coordinate. At first Wyatt wanted to be a cowboy so we thought we'd stick a feather on Luke's head and he'd be the indian. Then, Wyatt made up his mind that he wanted to be a brave knight. I looked for weeks for what Luke could be to go with the knight...the court jester outfits just didn't do it for me. When we were in Charleston for the Heart Walk, we went to the outlet mall and I had to go into Carter's for some necessities. Guess what? I spotted it from the window...the cutest little green dragon baby outfit! That was perfect...the brave knight and little dragon! The boys had an opportunity to wear their costumes this morning and I got a few pictures. Trust me, more will be coming with all the fun we have planned for the weekend!!!

Luke is the happiest little baby! I just know that his big sister has something to do with that! He makes us smile all the time!

The little dragon & the brave knight (minus his sword & shield). Those things just couldn't get in the way of running & playing, you know?

In other exciting news...make plans to do some early Christmas shopping & help support the Annabelle Baskets by stopping by the Christus Victor Luthern Church Annual Holiday Bazaar! If you're in the Columbia area, then you know where Harbison Blvd is...they are located across the street from Lowe's. I joined them for their service on Sunday and gave a brief testimony. Yes, tears were shed but God got me through it. I am so excited that they chose Annabelle Baskets to benefit from their Bazaar! The Lord continues to use others to bless this awesome ministry! They are having lots of great vendors, 100 incredible silent auction items (I mean really incredible items, too), BBQ lunch & more! I'll be there with Luke that morning and then Wyatt and Scott are planning on joining us after his baseball game!

The Bazaar is from 9-2 this Saturday (10/31)! I hope to see you there!!!

Boo, Y'all!!!


Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Too, too cute! I love the idea of the Knight and the Dragon! I am not at ALL surprised about the matching costume inclination... a certain person I know tends to have the same inclination :) As a matter of fact, I have the kids costumes ready to go (matching and themed, of course!) and Noah told me today at lunch that he just doesn't like his costume. It made me sad. Two of his little friends are being superheros or Star Wars things. Although he doesn't watch that kind of stuff and doesn't really even know what it is, I could tell that he felt like his costume wasn't "cool"! He is still going to be what I have planned, but I can't help but feel kind of sad because I don't EVER want him to grow up and be a Star Wars character! I want him to be cute and little FOREVER :) I'm guessing this might be my last year for matching him and Emmie :(

What a wonderful benefit for the Annabelle Baskets... I sure wish I could hear you speak sometime. I'm sure you give an incredible testimony!

Looking forward to more cute pictures of the little cutie patooties!

Jessica said...

Precious costumes!!! Thank you for continuing to share your family with us. :) I love watching your sweet boys grow!

Unknown said...

So very sweet! Love the knight and dragon! Precious!!! Baby boy is growing so fast and is so cute!!!

The Hardy Family said...

The boys are precious in their costumes!! I love it!

Beth Adkins said...

I smiled so bog when I saw little Luke in his costume. So happy for you all! We look forward to watching the boys grow. You can visit us anytime on our new family page :)

Kacy said...

I LOVE the brave knight and sweet dragon! They are so precious, Rebecca! I know you all had a wonderful Halloween. Mary Clare was Pinkalicious, and when I placed two big pink bows in her hair, I couldn't help but think of your sweet Annabelle and her big precious bows. She will forever be in my heart and remembered as the little sweetheart who touched so many lives.
Love to you always,

Margo said...