Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Listen Up!

Perhaps I should said "tune in" instead but either way...

Set your radio dials to The John Boy & Billy Show for this Friday morning at 8:30! If you're local, I know they are on Fox 102.3. Their website is http://www.thebigshow.com/

They do a Heros & Zeros segment each week & Annabelle Baskets will be highlighted this week as the Hero!

My sneaky, sweet husband contacted the show to nominate me & Annabelle's ministry...and they chose us!

So...listen up...or tune in...or whatever...just make sure you're listening to John Boy & Billy on Friday morning!!!

**You're not losing it, the day did change to Friday!**


The Simmons Family said...

Awesome!! If only we lived in listening distance... HA. I didn't comment on the last post, but I thought it was great!

Elaine said...

Well, how cool is that, Rebecca!!! If anyone deserves an accolade, it's you!! And hopefully...the attention will bring more donations to your Annabelle Baskets!

Just a little bit of fun for me, now...a little teaser is what we call it at our house when we start talking about a particular gift we have bought someone for Christmas, like 3 mos ahead of time...so we have to be in agony all that time, knowing the gift exists hidden away in a closet somewhere ...and we have to listen to these stupid hints for 3 MONTHS!!!! My daddy started this when we were little girls...and someone keeps doing it year after year.

Soooo...I found a little something special for Luke...well, honestly for you...(that in itself is a hint) that I just could NOT resist. I am sending it down with Suzie...assuming by the time she packs her van with 3 kids and all the accompanying stuff (Lindsay has her own pack 'n play!) that she has room for just one little package!! Let's see...one other hint might be that I have actually mentioned something like this in a post...so if, in ALL your free time, you want to search ALL my posts over the past year or so.... JUST KIDDING!!! You will just have to wait.

It was so fun shopping for your beautiful baby boy and finding just the perfect thing!!

Love, Elaine

Oh...if you want more hints, you can email me!!!!!!! :) elaineburdick@hotmail.com

Ashlee said...

I am so excited for you! That is awesome. I haven't checked the blog in a week, so I had no idea! I can't wait to hear about it.

Ashlee :)