Monday, September 14, 2009

3 weeks and 3 days...

That's how long we had the honor of loving our baby girl in our home. Every moment of those 3 weeks and 3 days were precious and priceless gifts. I am so grateful. Eternally. Today, I find myself in awe that the Lord Above has given us 3 weeks and 3 days again...this time with a gift that I never thought I'd have.

Lately, I am either at a loss for words or at a point where words just aren't enough. I have wept over my newest baby boy's warm feet...praising God that He has taught me through Annabelle the complete blessing that it is to have a baby that doesn't require two pair of socks. I have watched his belly rise and fall at all hours of the day and night and praised God for breathing life into him. I have held his precious little chubby hand around my finger and sobbed remembering placing Annabelle's monogrammed silver bracelet on her and thinking that I would never again feel such a small, strong grasp holding on to me. He gives and takes away...but, oh, how my heart is realizing more and more each day how much more He loves to give!

I can hardly believe that we have already had Luke in our home the same amount of time that we had Annabelle. At times, it seems like time stood still and the memories made with her here are more than enough to last a lifetime. At other times, I realize just how short a period of time we did have with her. But, what's most important is that we had time and regardless of how short or long it was or wasn' was a gift and I will still be grateful. Eternally.

But today...well, today I am especially grateful for these two boys!

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3


Angela said...

So precious.

You're such a good mommy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca.
are ya'll coming to the heart walk on the 26th? I have a gift for little Luke, and I don't know if I should mail it to you. I figured if ya'll are at the heart walk it would be better to give it to you in person! Hope all is well. Luke is too handsome! Bryna

Shannon said...

Your boys are adorable...and are so blessed to have a beautiful angel watching over them!

You all are always in our prayers!


anony said...

The Tompkins Family Says

What beautiful boys! Hope to see you at the Heart Walk!


Aunt JC said...

I have the best sister and most wonderful nephews and niece in the whole world! I love you guys!

The Hardy Family said...

What blessings...your 2 amazing little boys! God is so good!

The Chavis Family said...

I love your black and white pictures. I pray God continues to bless your family. What sweet boys!