Friday, June 12, 2009

Potty Time...and my firstborn's room!

Nothing like a fun home tour to take your mind off of things! So, here's to more FUN!!!

Today we're touring bathrooms...definitely not the highlight of our home but probably the most used (aside from the kitchen & great room). We have 2 1/2 baths...I am sharing pictures of Wyatt's bathroom & our half bath which serves as the central hand washing station and potty for our guests! I am thinking about doing a big catch up post that will include the master bath...hopefully soon! Being a SAHM, my life is our family and our home so this is really fun! I've also enjoyed taking a peek inside other homes & getting some great ideas! Hope y'all enjoy!

Wyatt's Froggy Bathroom...

I love this print that I found on ebay (I have two more coordinating prints on the opposite wall). I love to monogram & personalize so I put Wyatt's name or initials on just about everything he wears or uses. At least it helped him to spell his name at a very early age! :)

The border placed at chairrail height...also another ebay find! I thought it was too cute!

The half bath...I didn't think you'd care to see the potty so here's a view of the sink. I also love toile so my crafty mother-in-law hung this beautiful wallpaper above the chairrail for me! I am not a wallpaper person but I just love it in this small bathroom! It really makes the room!

Since the nursery got so much buzz the other week...I have to be a fair mommy & show off my big boy's room, too! Here's Wyatt's room:

The view from his door. Wyatt just got this bunk bed about a month ago. He used to sleep in a family heirloom white iron bed but we've moved it downstairs into the Annabelle Basket/guest bedroom. I got this bunk bed, which has a double bed that goes under the loft, off of craigslist from a precious family that just moved to our area & didn't have room for it. Wyatt LOVES it! I imagine there will be a little brother who wants to sleep with his big brother one we'll add the double bed before too long!

Another Papa Cole built the toy box for Wyatt. He built all of the great-grands one before he passed several years ago. Wyatt's was the last one he built so it's very special to us! The painted canvas was my attempt to copy a Pottery Barn baseball jersey print that I loved...I am not an artist but I thought it turned out pretty good!

Wyatt's chest of drawers...with some more baseball stuff! He loves trophies so Scott gave him his MVP trophy from college & Wyatt treasures it! He also has his USC Gamecock Baseball Coach Tanner ball on display there...Wyatt met him when Scott's company was building the new stadium and Coach Tanner was just great with him and showed him all around his office and shared stories with him about his little boy, too!

This used to be Wyatt's quilt rack over his crib from his nursery but I used it over his window to display more & put his window treatment where the quilt used to hang!

Last but not least, his baseball bat chair...RED SOX, of course!!!

Hope Y'all Enjoyed it!!!


Miller Family said...

Super Cute! You have a knack for decorating and finding great deals.

The Simmons Family said...

I wish I could borrow a little of your decorating skills for just a day! :) Everything is adorable.. especially the froggy bath and the quilt rack you put over the window.. gret idea.

I'm decorating challenged... my house is naked and white. Plain ol' Jane.. which is actually NOT like me AT ALL!!

Glad you shared.


Lindsay said...

I love the cute little froggy bathroom!!!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

OK... this is getting scary :) When Noah was born, we lived in Houston and his nursery had a bathroom in it. We did the whole bathroom in a froggy theme! In fact, I had these really cute door pulls that are frogs and I was just trying to figure out what to do with them last night! Anyway, his bathroom is precious! And toile... if you happen to look at any of my home posts, you will pretty much see toile in every room! Even my couches are toile! Wyatt's room is super cute - I love the bed. That will be so fun for both boys to be able to share one day! And I'm impressed with the painting... you are quite creative! My bathrooms are pretty boring, but I might get a post done today anyway because it will give me an excuse to clean them!

Ashlee said...

I LOVE the pictures! You know I love pictures :) THe froggy bathroom is so adorable, I love the toile paper, and Wyatt's room is precious! I bet he was so excited to get to sleep in the bunk bed! Yes, I'd say that Luke will be wanting to join him before you know it!! Thanks so much for sharing :) Have a great weekend!


Amanda-The Family News! said...

I LOVE the quilt rack on the cute is that?!!
And what a neat baseball chair!!!!

Ashley said...

Both bathrooms are very nice! Thank you so much for sharing.