Friday, March 20, 2009

I look for God a lot. I get frustrated wanting signs and not having them as often or exactly when I want them. Like our butterflies (which have been in abundance lately and even made an appearance at the end of November in 17 degree weather...I am not butterfly specialist but I didn't think they like cold weather, much less freezing!). Or like blue birds that somehow still show up on days I need them most even when I neglect to put out bird food for them. Don't you just love it when you cry out to Jesus for a sign from Him showing you He's there and He cares and He just smacks you right dab in the face? I got a smack yesterday.

After my previous post yesterday morning, I had a minor meltdown and cried out to God begging Him to make Himself known to me. I needed something in my desperation and told Him that I would be purposeful in searching for Him throughout my day in all that I did. I had plans to go to the Tot Trade for the presale (that probably led a little to my meltdown...I wanted to be shopping for pink, too). By the way, the Tot Trade is an insanely huge & overwhelming children's consignment experience. I seriously considered just not going but I have just about nothing for a baby boy since I have an ebay addiction and have sold just about all of Wyatt's fancy clothes online to make money for that current season clothes and gave away everything else to some other families who needed it more than my rubbermaid container. So, I pulled myself together and went...list in hand. I didn't expect Jesus to show up on a tot trade rack but He did...enter exhibit A.

First, the little long-sleeved onesie caught my eye because of the message embroidered on it. "Jesus loves me..."...well, there He is in baby blue thread telling me that this baby is from Him and a precious part of the plan He has for our family. Then, I noticed something else attached to the back of it.

Yes, my dears, a precious matching little newborn gown. So, I glanced at the consignment tag to check the price...$5! You've got to be kidding me...this is....

BRAND NEW & my FAVORITE baby brand that I just mentioned in my post earlier that morning. (Friends, this was the only Kissy Kissy on the newborn rack & I couldn't believe it hadn't been snagged up at the pre-presale the night before! I'm guessing the two of these together retail at around $50 or more.)

Oh, how God shows up! He's so there and He's in control of all of this!

Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for this gift from You! Thank you for truly knowing my heart and knowing exactly how to show me you care. I love you!


jan tompkins said...

YOU are truly a remarkable young woman. I can't wait to meet you!
That outfit was made for your baby and Jesus meant for him to have it.
God loves you, Rebecca Butcher!!!!!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

You continue to amaze me... not just with your wisdom and faith, but with your good taste too :) Would you believe that Kissy Kissy is my favorite baby brand too... Noah's "coming home" outfit was a Kissy Kissy set and I adored it! In fact, most of his newborn baby clothes were Kissy Kissy!

These items you found yesterday are just so precious... just like you! Can't wait to see the pictures of your precious son all "dolled up" in baby blue :)

Anonymous said...

You know He will continue to "smack" you and that this is God's plan! When we were younger I always knew you would be a great mother. I look at the way Wyatt looks at you and how you look at him and that is priceless. I love the way you smile at him when he doesn't even know you are looking and the way you are with him. You are a great mother and sister.

The Hands said...

Thank you for sharing what God is doing in your life. It is an encouragement to all-even those you don't know. "Seek and you will find!" God bless.

Johanna said...

It is so awesome how God speaks to us in ways we could never imagine! I am so glad he spoke to you at tot trade, of all places! :)

Love you!


Evie's Story said...

Precious, precious. Just seeing this darling snuggly new born outfit makes me eager for you to have this sweet little guy nuzzling in your arms. thank you Jesus for this gift to Rebecca!!

The Hardy Family said...

You are simply amazing! I'm so glad that God used something so small at the Tot Trade to give you His peace and comfort just when you needed it most. I love you and I will be praying for you in this coming week!
I love you!

Em said...

My computer crashed and I could not find your blog! I found you again and just wanted to say congratulations on the healthy little boy! We are so excited for you!

Elaine said...


I am Suzie's friend from Michigan and I posted a couple days ago, but I don't know if you go back and read new messages on older posts, so I am going to tell you again! I have an 18 mo. old grandson, Avery, who I LOVE shopping for...except I am not a fan of tiny babies dressed like Gap models. One of the things I did when looking for what I call a "bubble suit" was look online...I found a site which has smocked bubbles uits and longalls for boys...yes, SMOCKED for boys!!For his first birthday, I bought Avery a bubble suit (it was so puffy it almost looked like a dress...I can hardly believe his daddy allowed it!) that was blue seersucker with white sleeves and yellow duckies in the smocking!! I got a green velvet one for Christmas and am eyeing a blue one with bunnies for Easter. I just needed you to know that this site is there and it is just meant for you!

I am glad you had such a wonderful find today...the more you find the more excited you will get, I promise! And...can you believe how tiny they are???

Love from Michigan, Elaine

Tommy, Erica, Addie Kate, and Andrew said...

You are so funny! And so right, we do all SO very often need a good SMACK from above! What a great one you got!

Erica May said...

Thank you God for always being there right when we need you! Your baby boy is going to look so handsome in his new outfit! Sometimes we need Go to "smack" us and put us right back where we need to be! love to you all and I plan on seeing you soon!