Monday, June 23, 2008

Mary Clare's 1st Birthday!

Me, Mary Clare & Kerri

Erica, Emerson, Mary Clare and Kerri

Sunday is always special for several reasons...this Sunday was even more special because it was Mary Clare's 1st Birthday party!! Mary Clare was also born with HLHS. Her precious parents, Mel and Kerri, chose to ask their guests to bring donations for the Annabelle Baskets in lieu of gifts (although, Mary Clare still racked up some great stuff). We are still totaling the checks and cash and have close to $1000 so far. Also, we received LOTS of blankets, socks, stuffed animals, bows, baskets, and more for the baskets. (By the way, my guest bedroom has been converted to an Annabelle Basket storage room and assembly blessed!) We also got to spend time with Emerson, another HLHS baby girl who is 10 months old, and her family.

It was a complete joy to be there yesterday. Since we are being honest, it was a little hard and there are always the questions of "why couldn't my daughter be here and one day celebrate her first birthday, too?". But what is more imporant is that I know that my God is bigger than those questions and His ways are far beyond what my mind can grasp on this earth. For many reasons, some we may see glimpses of now and many that we are completely unaware of, He chose to give us another story to tell. For today and especially yesterday, I am thankful for the precious heart babies that I can hold and love and be reminded of the special bond between Annabelle and me. Thank you, Pennington Family, for sharing that special day with us!


Katie said...

WOW! What a load for the Annabelle Baskets- that's so awesome!!! Rebecca, I so appreciate your honesty...we would all feel that way and I love how you beautifully and honestly state your feelings. Thank you for 'teaching' me and for your wonderful, Christ-like example. I have learned so much from you through your journey. And don't you just love Kerri- she's so great!!! Mary Clare is such a doll too! I loved your pictures. Take care and enjoy getting those baskets put together!

Lindsay Dean said...

I'm am so proud of you Rebecca! That would be extremely hard for me but to see those little heart babies thrive yesterday would have made it all worth it to me as well. You teach me things all of the time and you are a true inspiration to me to stay strong and to still believe.
Lindsay is having another great day here in Ann Arbor although I still hold my breath for the next "hiccup". Speaking of that, when Lindsay had to have her second procedure on Thursday, they misplaced her Annabelle burp cloth and I just realized this yesterday. Hopefully laundry will find it, but I'm still upset about that. We just might have to buy one from you this time. :-)I just liked to have it on her bed and felt comfort in such a small thing knowing that her buddy Annabelle was close by. Hopefully we can locate it.
Thanks so much for the update from your day with Mary Clare and Emerson.
Love, Suzie

Erica May said...

What a joy it was to see you all yesterday! I didn't mention this yesterday, but I had been praying for God to give you strength! You handled it great and you really display strength and faith in God everyday and you touch so many! No one blames you for having questions, I have had them since the day I was told Emerson had HLHS. I think when the day comes God will answer all of those questions for us. I value your friendship so much and look forward to seeing you soon!!!
We love you all!
Erica and Emerson

Lee Wilkes said...

I just wanted to let you know how touched I am by you and Annabelle. We met at Mary Clare's party (my neice has HLHS) but did not get to talk much. I have been sobbing as I have read many entries on the blog tonight. It is such a blessing to me to be able to see the strength and faith you display. Annabelle is truly one of His angels. I pray that each basket will be a reflection of His love and mercy. Kerri and I grew up together and I am always in awe of her strength to deal with this challenge. When my neice was born I was younger and did not have children yet. I honestly believe that I did not grasp the depth of the burden and challenge my brother and his wife have faced until I had my own children. My neice is also autistic so they continue to face daily struggles. I am so grateful for the opportunity to "know" you. Many blessings, Lee Wilkes