Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Angels & Bows

A precious friend and fellow "heart mom", Mandy, gave me the sweetest cherub to set in my yard...and, most precious of all, she glued a pink bow on her! Mandy dropped off my first Angel with a Bow (or AB, which also are my daughter's initials) for Mother's Day knowing how difficult and bittersweet that day would be for me.

Taking from her gift and ingenius idea, I decided to search for the perfect angel to put at Annabelle's special place. So, last week the search began...

I went into Annabelle's nursery and grabbed one of my favorite pink bows. With bow in hand, Wyatt and I went all over town trying to find "the perfect angel". We would jump out of the van anxious to see if our next stop held "the one". Wyatt would help me find them all and we would put the bow on the angel's head and stand back to see if it was "it". I found one that I loved but I thought it was overpriced so I held out. We had no luck for several days.

After sharing my new and brilliant idea with Scott, he joined the search. Saturday morning we went to visit our daughter's special place and stopped at a landscaping store after leaving. After we parked, a nice and non-pushy manager greeted us. We told him we were just looking (I didn't want anyone to follow me around and think "This woman is nuts putting a bow on every cherub she sees!"). As we were just about to the end of the statues, we saw her! It was the exact same angel that I had wanted days before but passed up at the other store...what was even better was that this angel was $20 less! So, the very nice man came over to ask us if we had found what we were looking for and he helped us with loading the angel into our van. On the way to the van, I felt the need to explain why I was putting a bow on all his cherubs. He offered his sympathies and helped us finish loading up. Without even mentioning it, he gave us a 20% discount on the angel and told us to enjoy her.

Saturday afternoon I spent some precious time with our new AB and we took her to meet our daughter on Sunday morning. I am looking forward to changing her bows throughout the years and being reminded of my precious angel baby every time I see her resting in her wings.


The Hardy Family said...

The angel is absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad you were able to find just the perfect one! Just another way God is shedding His amazing grace on you!
I'm glad you had a nice trip to the birthday party on Sunday and that you received so many amazing donations and gifts towards the Annabelle baskets.
I am once again in awe of you and touched by your faith and strength. You are such a blessing to so many!!!

The Gandy Family said...

I love the angel. I do have bears for you that I need to get to you. That is a precious way to remember Annabelle. I love it!

Leigh Ann Gandy

Anonymous said...

your little angel baby is perfect...so at peace...so beautiful with her bow...so Annabelle!!! Im looking forward to visiting Annabelle's special place tomorrow and seeing her little guardian angel!

love you!

Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous. What a wonderful idea! Each time I look at your sweet Annabelle's picture, I can't help but think how much she and my angel Luke look alike. I believe that these babies have so much wisdom and are such amazingly strong souls. I know that Annabelle is loving her special angel right now. You guys are a great family and I am so glad that I can read your stories! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Bernie Haberman

Anonymous said...

Sweetie you amaze me everyday. I'm so glad you found her. I know that loving on your ABs will be special for you.

Kathy Johnson

Staci Klotz said...

How precious!! I love it! It is so Annabelle.