Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Finally on Feeds

Another day, another milestone...Annabelle began continuous feeds today! She was started early this morning on some pedialyte and had no residuals so they began her on Mommy's milk this afternoon. So far, she has kept it all down and had no residuals with it either! She will remain on continuous feeds through her NG tube (tube that goes in her nose to her stomach) until she gets up to a certain amount per hour. This is another big step for her. Please pray that her little tummy can handle it and that we are able to keep feeding her well.
Annabelle also shared three poopy diapers with us today! I don't think I have ever been so happy to see a poopy diaper in my life! It's amazing what you are thankful for in situations like ours.
The PC and Annabelle's nurse noticed this morning that she still sounded a little more hoarse that she should so they had an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat doctor) check her out. We found out that her left vocal chord is paralyzed. This is not uncommon for the procedure/surgery that she had done. Apparently the vocal chords' nerves are right next to the aorta where the surgeon had to do a lot of work (and extra work), so it got knicked a little. They are not concerned about it at this point and told us that it usually gets better over time. She was already sounding better & a little louder by the early evening. Considering all this little angel has gone through, this is nothing to get worked up over. Plus, she has got my genes so I am sure she'll be talking soon enough.
Thanks for the comments...we love reading them!


Anonymous said...

Annabelle is a beautiful little girl. We are so thankful she is doing so well. You have quite a testimony to share. You are touching so any people with your strong faith. We will continue to pray...
Greg, Happy, Abby and John

Anonymous said...

Awesome news about Annabelle's feeds. She is one tough cookie! That is a big step.
I wouldn't worry too much either about the vocal cord. Reagan's left was also paralyzed and before she was 2 years old, it started moving again. She is still not totally loud, but it continually improves.

Praying for another great day....
Kelly Potter

wahoolb said...

Go Annabelle!! I am so happy to hear about the feeds and the POOP!!! It is amazing to be so happy to see a poopie diaper but that is our world as parents of CHD babies, little things most take for granted, we jump up and down in celebration. When they removed Raleighs breathing tube and we finally got to hear him cry is still one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard!
We will add to our prayers for her little tummy to do it's job and for her vocal cords to heal up and let Annabelle make such joyful noises!! Keep it up Annabelle.
Please give her a kiss from us and hugs for Mommy, Daddy and Wyatt! Hopefully I will get to see you guys tomorrow, I will be in the PCICU waiting room starting around 6:30am until all is clear from the surgery surgery and his parents get to go back and sit with their son. I hope Annabelle continues to have a great day today!

Many Heart Hugs,
Leslie Ballard

Anonymous said...

We are so thrilled to check in on your blog and see precious Annabelle's awesome progress each day or so! What an awesome mirace story she is and you all are! You are such an example of how to trust our God for His great plan. Continuing to pray for you... Love, Mike & Laurie Epting

Anonymous said...

What awesome news on Annabelle's progress. Our God is an awesome God. Your strength and faith is an inspiration to us all. We will continue to pray and look forward to your next post.

Cricket, Don, Morgan and Gavin

marty said...

Butcher Family, We are in North Carolina and our daughter Dene Johnston is in MOPS with Mrs Butcher. We have our church, Gideons and everyone we know praying for your family. I can hardly wait every morning to see the progress. God is SO GOOD. Be strong and trust HIM.
AJ & Marty Warren

Anonymous said...

Annabelle is a STEEL MAGNOLIA!!! (What else would you expect from a southern girl!) We are so HAPPY with all her progress and we know with all the miracles that the Lord has done in her life thus far, He will have her singing like an angel very soon. We love you guys and know that you are in our prayers everyday!!

Love You All,
Buffy, Jeremy, & Gracie

The Chavis Family said...

We are praying for Annabelle today and everyday! The progress she is making is wonderful! :)
Love, Joe and Kim

Anonymous said...

That's great news! Your report on her poopy diapers brought a huge smile to my face. Your postive outlook and strong faith will see you through for sure...God bless each of you.
Love & prayer,

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott and Rebecca,

We have been thinking about you all and Annabelle everyday! She's a beautiful baby girl, thank you for sharing all of the pictures. We love all of her adorable pink bows. You are in our thoughts and prayers!

Cousin Leslie, Blake, Andy and Kate

Anonymous said...

YAY Annabelle! Keep it up girl! Rebecca and Scott, your faith is SO amazing...I can't say I would be as strong as you are! God is GOOD!!! He is proving his faithfulness daily in sweet Annabelle! I can't wait to meet her! We love reading your posts!!
Johanna and Jonathan Chapman

Rachel Whittaker said...

Annabelle is such a blessing from Heaven. How beautiful and peaceful she looks in such a trying time in her little life! Your entire family gives me great inspiration being 7 months pregnant myself. I continue to pray and keep watch on Little Miss Annabelle!
God Bless,
Rachel, Gordon, and Katie Lynn Whittaker(Blythewood,SC)

Anonymous said...

Scott, Rebecca and Wyatt,

We are so happy to read the blog everyday and look at the beautiful pictures of Annabelle. We are so excited that she is doing so well. We know that God is in control. Molly-Grace has shared the pictures at school and is so excited about her progress. We love you all and can't wait for you to come home!

Laura, Molly-Grace and Jed

Anonymous said...

It is so great to be able to catch up on Annabelle's milestones thru this website, and to know how to pray for you all. She is an absolute doll, and we're so glad to read about her progress. You are in our prayers daily.
Casey, Laura and Hunter Phipps

Anonymous said...

Dear Butcher Family,

Continue to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ with Annabelle. She is absolutely beautiful! Joshua and Emma have been randomly praying during supper and bedtime,
for "Abba Jesus" to heal "this little baby"... and we all absolutely believe He will!

The Kirkpatricks

Anonymous said...

Praise God for His awesome work through His and the doctors' hands! We continue to pray for you all as you journey down this path and are amazed daily at the progress your little princess in making each day! We can't wait to have you all back home in Columbia.

Jason, Rebecca,, Andrew & Samuel

Anonymous said...

Y'all.....that baby girl is absolutely adorable!!!! Tears came to my eyes when I saw her precious eyes!!! She is doing wonderfully it sounds like!!! Coop's cords were roughed up alot too post surgery but they got much better over time, now he's just chatin' away.
Our prayers still go your way 24 hours a day!! Stay strong for that angel, Wyatt and for each other!!

Many hugs!!
Betsey, Cooper, & Russell (SLH/SC)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca and Scott-
Annabelle is amazing and inspiring- she takes after you both! We are so thankful that she is progressing so quickly! Thank you for your posts so that we can continue to pray for you guys specifically every day!
Love, Gretchen and Jeff Westbrock

Anonymous said...

Annabelle is just he cutest girl I have ever seen and you know I know girls. We are praying for her every day. I know you can do this Rebeca you sound like you are holding up well but know that I"m praying for you too.

Kathy AL and the girls

Mimi said...

Each day is another miracle, and we are so happy to read of Annabelle's progress. God is supplying every single need, and His grace is indeed amazing. Thanks for taking the time each day to let all of us know how she is doing and what we need to pray for!
We look forward to seeing all of you soon!
Love, The Hogues

Pat Hutto said...

Annabelle is so beautiful. I love the hearts and all of the pink. Your blogspot is such an uplifting update and such a testimony of your great faith. Our God is an awesome God and he is still performing miracles everyday. All of you are in my prayers.
Love, Pat Hutto