Saturday, February 02, 2008

Another BIG Day!

Annabelle's chest was closed today!!! She remained stable throughout last night and did not have too much swelling so the surgeon decided to close her chest at about 1:00 this afternoon. She did very well throughout the procedure and is resting comfortably. We thought that it would be Sunday at the earliest but she is moving right along so far. They also took her off the paralytic drugs and put her on morphine. She is still very sleepy but when Scott and I just left her at 10:00pm she was beginning to twitch her fingers and toes. Also, when I went to kiss her goodnight and tell her that I love her she twitched her eyes, too! She has really impressed the doctors so far by remaining stable and having good pressures. Thank you, Jesus!
Her next big hurdle is getting rid of the ventilator. They will gradually reduce the oxygen levels throughout the next days. Please pray that she handle the reductions well and that her pressures still stay up without it.
Scott and I were very blessed to be able to have some sort of normalcy to our routine tonight, too. We were able to tuck Wyatt into bed for the first time in almost a week! It was very special for us (seeing as how we have been away from him more nights in the past week than in his 3 1/2 years). The PCICU is closed from 7-8:30 for shift change so we took advantage of that time to have dinner with him, give him a bath and put him to bed. It was so wonderful to be able to have that time with him...especially as my arms ache to hold my daughter. Holding Wyatt and doing our nighttime routine was an answer to prayer! We hope to be able to work that out often!
God has been so good to us! Please keep praying...God is hearing us all!


Anonymous said...

We are so happy to hear everything is going so well for Annabelle! We have continued to pray for her and the whole family and can't wait to see her!! Love, Kyle, Allison, Kayla & Kinslee

Jessica said...

I'm so glad she's progressing nicely. We'll continue to pray that she improves quickly and without complication. Thanks for the update. :)

Anonymous said...

Praise God for His blessings are great. As I type through tears and relive those moments in PCICU, I'm so in awe of our Father! Give Miss Annabelle and squeeze on the foot and a kiss from her heart buddy Kaden! We are in prayer!

Julie Miles said...

Go God! We praise You, Heavenly Father, for the miracles You are performing in Annabelle and her parents! Thank You for the quick chest closure and help her to continue to heal well and impress the doctors and get off the vent soon without any complications. Thank You that we can have peace knowing You are in control! Amen.

Thanks for the updates, we continue to keep you in our prayers daily!

Anonymous said...

Love and Prayers from East Lake Community Church-Irmo

Annabelle and Family,

Terri Lynn Corely invited me to pray for your family days before you left for Charleston. It has been so wonderful to log on each day and see how you are growing and how our mighty God is answering each prayer need. Prayer warriors in my small group are lifting you up daily until you return. Continue to let us know how to pray specifically for your needs. Sending a ton of love from Irmo!

Sonya Spires

Shelley said...

I am praying so hard for all of you! God is in control!
Shelley Davis (RHBC)

The Chavis Family said...

Our Sunday school lesson this morning was about intercessory prayer. Your fmaily came up in the conversation several times. So many people are praying on Annabelle's behalf! What an awesome thing to know that our faith binds us all together this way. :) We will continue to pray for Annablle as she recovers from surgery.
Love, Joe and Kim