Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Update from Doctor's Appointment at MUSC

Annabelle has impressed the specialists!!! Scott, Wyatt and I went to Charleston on Monday to meet with the Maternal-Fetal Specialist OB that will be delivering our daughter via c-section. They did an ultrasound first to confirm everything that I have had done here in Columbia. Well, you know how Annabelle was in the 60th percentile two weeks ago? Not anymore, little chunky monkey is now in the 95th percentile! The ultrasonographer that has seen many heart babies could not believe how big and long she is. We all got to see even more precious little pictures of her. She was moving her mouth a lot which was so cute to watch! Of course, Scott has to mention that she definitely is mine with that mouth going so much. Scott's honesty is just one of the many things I love about him. :) I have another appointment with the OB at MUSC on Jan. 10th to confirm everything for her birth. Until then, I continue to see my OB, Dr. Johnson, here very regularly.
We also scheduled a birthday for Annabelle...I am set to deliver her on January 28th. That is if she doesn't have her own date in mind. The OB was able to give me a better picture of how the delivery will go. It is hard to hear that I may not get to hold her and will have to wait a day until they can put me in a wheelchair to go to the ICU to spend time with her. I will get to see her briefly in the recovery room before she's taken to ICU. But, they really need to get her there and stabilized pretty quickly. Also, once she's in ICU they will do an ultrasound/echo of her heart to confirm and better see the anatomy of her heart. Within a day or two of her birth, we will be told when her first surgery will be...usually within the first week of life. I will be able to hold her either the night before or morning of her surgery. She will be hooked up to so many IVs that they don't want to compromise her health by her being held and moved around. I can remember sleeping with Wyatt in my arms in the hospital when he was born. It meant so much to me to hold him and feel him. I am searching for peace with not being able to do the same with Annabelle. There are so many sacrifices that have to be made but I am confidant that her life will be all the more of a blessing because of everything she has to endure.
Please pray for joy and strength this Christmas season. I told Scott that the closer we get to having her, the more I feel like we are preparing for battle. With as much as we have been told, really all of it has many questions and many unknowns. It is a blessing to have Christ's birth so prevalant right now to assure us of His presence in our and Annabelle's life. Please continue to pray for a miracle! Tis the season!


The Hardy Family said...

That is so awesome that she has grown so much! What a testimony of the Lord that He is making her big and strong to endure what she will when she is born. Rebecca, I will be praying for strength for you as you anticipate her birth and the days to follow that. I love you!

~Sara~ said...

I can't tell you how my heart aches for you. I know how hard it is to not be able to hold your baby those first precious days. Rely on God. He will sustain you and He'll be holding little Annabelle when you can't! Praying for God to strengthen and hold you!


Jessica said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the newborn Annabelle! My husband and I continue to pray for you, your baby girl and the rest of your family. :)

Julie Miles said...

Continuing to pray for your whole family each day. Praise God that Annabelle is geting to be such a big girl - that should play out in her favor once she's born to give her strength! Ethan was big too and all the medical teams were amazed. Not getting to hold Ethan much during those first couple of days was not easy but the doctors are right that it's best because of all they're hooked up to. God will get you through it though!