Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick Update

I just wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone on Annabelle. We have begun having bio-physical profiles every week on Thursday. These are a test of her well-being. She can obtain up to 10 points (a perfect score). She is given points based on several different screenings. First, I have an ultrasound where they measure fluid levels, her growth in weight and watch her lungs for 30 seconds to make sure they are "practice" breathing. They also look at some other things that seemed to be pretty typical to me. Then, I have a non-stress test that looks for her ability to elevate her heartbeat for at least 15 seconds several times within 15-20 minutes. She did very well with the first part of the test but didn't want to get that heartrate up without the help of a buzzer. I can't really say that I blame her. So, Dorothy, the OB nurse and close friend, buzzed her to get her heartrate up and she passed that part right away. She didn't settle down for quite a while afterwards either. The ultrasonographer said she got an A! We are scheduled to continue these every week until her birth.
Annabelle's nursery is starting to come together. I had the idea of painting my old chest of drawers for her nursery. It was made for my nursery by the inmates that my Daddy supervised years ago when he worked for the Dept. of Corrections (long before his minister days). So, it is very dear to me and built very well. Last weekend Scott painted it white. I think it looks great but he is so picky about some things that he wants to redo it. He's already taking on the mentality that nothing but perfection is good enough for his little girl. We also got her bedding a couple of weeks ago when we went to Charlotte. I had seen a few things in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog that I liked but I wanted to see them in person before deciding. Needless to say, we came home with all of her bedding. It is so girly and pink! It has been really fun to do some normal baby preparations.
Wyatt is getting really excited about being a big brother. He can hardly allow me to walk past him without rubbing my belly or lifting up my shirt to talk to her. He is so precious! I know that the Lord has given us a very special son with a heart of gold to look after his little sister.
Please keep praying! We are comforted my your prayers and knowing that so many people are fighting alongside our daugther. Many Blessings to you & your families this special season!

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Julie Miles said...

We continue to pray daily for Annabelle and the rest of her family. So glad to hear she got an A on her tests! We'll pray for her to do just as well with all the remaining ones. She sounds like she's going to be a strong little fighter!

Blessings this Christmas!

Julie, Dan and Ethan Miles