Monday, October 22, 2007

The Latest

I think that I am finally getting used to all the doctor's appointments that we are going to have in the future. Today, I did another marathon from the OB to the pediatric cardiologist...all within 3 hours! First, I had to drink the yummy orange drink for my 1-hour glucose test. I saw Dr. Johnson while I was waiting for the one hour to be up so they could do the bloodwork. We heard the heartbeat again with the doppler (yeah!!!) and she measured my uterus. I measured a little ahead of schedule so that's good, too! I will begin going to the OB in 3 weeks for growth ultrasounds. Since our daughter has a two vessel umbilical cord (as opposed to the normal three vessel cord), they want to measure her growth to make sure she's on track to be good and healthy when she's born. Two vessel cords are pretty common in babies with heart and/or kidney disease but they do have a tendency to make the baby a little smaller. Seeing as how Wyatt was over 9 pounds, I am praying that she's a little chunky monkey, too! So, after that lap around the track I headed over to Dr. Shuler's office for her echo cardiogram. Scott met me there for that one. Doug did her echo and then Dr. Shuler came in to share the results with us as usual. He said that everything still looks the miracle yet. Her valves looked strong (Praise God!) and the right side of her heart was beating well (very important since it will be responsible for the entire body). He did notice that her left ventricle has hardened and that there is little to no movement in it. He said that in the rare circumstance where the left heart has reopened and corrected itself, there is usually still some movement in it. So, medically speaking, he didn't seem to think that her HLHS was going to correct itself as we've hoped and prayed. Not the news we wanted to hear but we know our God is bigger than any of this and still pray that He heal her precious little heart.
Scott and I were so touched by the sermon yesterday. It seemed like Dr. Carney was speaking specifically to us. As we were having lunch when we got home, we both had the same thoughts that he was just going to interject our name as some point. One point that he made that really hit home with me is that we are to let God be God and for me to just be the person that He's called me to be. I am a control freak by nature so letting this situation go and totally put it in God's hands has been really hard. But, I cannot do anything about it so I have to surrender her life, her heart, her health and her future completely to Him. All I can do is continue being the wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend that He's made me to be. You do what you know. I was blessed enough to have a mother that taught me exactly what to do when I face trials as she faced more than I can imagine...I keep on keeping on and leave the rest to God. Sure, Satan tries his best to sweep me back into a hole and he is bigger than me, but he's not bigger than my God. So, I think I will just let Him handle this one.

Thank you, Jesus, for peace that only comes from knowing and loving and trusting You.

I will post more soon as so much has happened in the past month...blessing upon blessing. God truly uses His people for good.

Please continue to pray for a miracle! I know that if God can allow her to practice kickboxing with only half a heart, He can do anything!


jc said...

I don't think I can read these with students around anymore, b/c I start to cry! I will continue to pray for you everyday and cannot wait for that little angel to be born. I love you!

Laura said...

We say a prayer every morning and talk aobut our new cousin. I admire the strength that you are showing through all of this. We love you!!