Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Update from Sept. 11

Today we saw the pediatric cardiolgist, Dr. Shuler, and the OB/GYN, Dr. Johnson. We also had the full anatomy ultrasound done at the OB office. From Dr. Shuler's visit, he confirmed that the baby does have HLHS. She is a little bigger now so it was easier to see. Her left ventricle has no function. He was able to see her aorta today. We were glad about that since it couldn't be seen at the last echo but the bad news is that it is very underdeveloped and has no blood flow. Dr. Shuler did not know if it would grow much throughout the pregnancy. There aren't any statistics to prove one way or the other. We were advised to see another pediatric cardiolgist/cardiothoracic surgeon at MUSC. Dr. Shuler is setting that up for us. We are looking forward to meeting with someone who sees this condition more regularly. Since all fetal and infant cardiac surgeries are performed at MUSC in our state, these cardiolgists will hopefully have more information for us. It will be good for us to learn their perspective on the surgical aspect of it, too. We also got the contact info of a family with a young daughter with HLHS in the Columbia area. I am looking forward to speaking with them and learning from what they've experienced so far. We were told that the little girl is about 18 months old and has undergone the first two surgeries. She is waiting for the third sugery.
As far as the OB goes, that was a pretty standard visit. My Triple Screen bloodwork came back all normal! The ultrasound was good, too. She is measuring a little small but still within a normal range. They also found that she has a two vessel cord instead of a normal three vessel cord. But, it isn't a huge concern by any means. It is usually a marker for a heart or kidney problem. The kidneys looked good so I guess they got the first part right. The OB explained that babies with a two vessel cord maybe a little smaller but we knew that came with the HLHS anyways.
Thank you all for your prayers. Today was difficult, but much more bearable knowing we were being prayed through it all. To God be the glory!


The Johnson Family said...

Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you. If there is anythign we can do please let me know.

The Gandy Family said...

We are praying for healing for your little one and for your family. Remember to always keep strength in God and always turn to Him.

jc said...

I know that yesterday was hard, but I was praying the entire time. I will be there for you if you need anything! Let me know what I can do. I love you guys!