Thursday, September 06, 2007


These past 24 hours have been such a blessing! We had the prayer meeting last night at church. We are overwhelmed with loving, compassionate, Christian friends who care so much about our family. We were flooded in healing prayers for our daughter. Scott and I were so touched by everyone who was there. We went to grab a quick bite for dinner afterwards and were discussing how amazed we continue to be by all the support. I told him that I feel like I need to write every single person that was there a thank you note. They gave us something so great last night. I don't know if words would be adequate thanks.
We know the gravity of our situation and pray for peace and discernment. I don't know what is going to happen nor can I begin to explain why this is happening. I do know that I am okay with that. I don't need to know (although I have to admit at times it would be nice to understand it just a little) but I do have to have peace. I think I am starting to finally reach that point within myself. My hurt is for my family. I hurt for what our daughter will have to face once she's born. I hurt for my husband as he continues to struggle with decisions and finding peace. I hurt for my daddy probably the most of all. As a parent, I know the pain I feel when my son bumps his knee or gets his feelings hurt. I cannot imagine the pain my father feels for me and his granddaughter. The hardest part is that I can't do anything about it. There is nothing that anyone can do to change our situation except for the Great Physician. I want more than anything for Him to answer my questions and make my decisions. I pray and ask that He will do just that.
I did have a "regular" OB appointment yesterday, too. It was fairly uneventful. I had some additional bloodwork done for a Triple Screen test. Occasionally, babies with congenital heart disease also have chromosome issues and other syndromes. So, we are testing for that now, too. I should know those results by the time I go back next Tuesday. My OB, Dr. Johnson, was considerate enough to schedule my thorough anatomy ultrasound of the baby the same day that I have to see Dr. Shuler (the pedi. cardiologist). So, that way I may not have to go to the doctor for a week between the two! Next Tuesday is a big day. We see Dr. Shuler at 12:30 and have our big ultrasound to check for everything else at 3:30. Please be in prayer that this day goes well! Our last visit to both offices in the same day was not a good day. We are praying for a miracle!
Another blessing in my life came this morning. We began our new year of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) of which I am a coordinator. I thoroughly enjoy every minute of every time our group gets together. Today was such a great first meeting. We mostly just socialized and caught up from the summer. There were several ladies there that I hadn't seen all summer so they were excited to see/hear that I am expecting. It's really hard for me to be excited right now. I try to put on a brave face. I did tell one girl that is expecting about the same time as me about our baby's condition. But, when I could help it I didn't mention it today. It's hard to talk about and I was finally having a good time. It seems to ruin the mood (if you know what I mean by that). I work my tail off for MOPS but I wouldn't want it any other way. It's so fun for me to serve in that capacity. Wyatt has such a good time, too. He loves to help me put out the centerpieces and get everything out of the closet on the dolly. He's loves to be a big helper! It's so good for both of us. I am so touched to see him learning to serve God already and really enjoying it. He is my greatest blessing!
We are off to the zoo tomorrow for some fun! Until Tuesday...please keep praying.


jc said...

I love you so much and hope that you will have fun at the zoo today. I'm still praying every minute!

The Hardy Family said...

Thanks for a great morning of MOPS yesterday! It really was fun and thanks for all the hard work you have put into it.
I'm so glad the prayer time on Wed was such a blessing to you and Scott. It was a blessing to me just being able to be there for you guys.
I will continue to lift you and baby up especially on Tuesday!

Elise Kirkpatrick said...

Chris and I continue to pray for you all during this crucial time in your life. With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed of what is occurring so we can be specifically praying for you all.
Sincerely and with much love,