Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September 4, 2007

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for your calls, cards, emails, and most importantly, your prayers. Scott and I are so blessed to have friends and family that are so supportive and loving. An example of that is a Prayer Meeting that has been set up for tomorrow evening (Wednesday) at 6pm in our church sanctuary. A dear friend of mine, Shannon Stratford, asked me about it last week upon learning of our daughter's condition. She has arranged everything. I am moved beyond words by her compassion for us. I know that she has invited our Sunday School Department as well as the ladies from MOPS. Everyone is welcome to join us in praying for our daughter's healing.
We just returned yesterday from 6 days at the beach! It was so wonderful. We spent Wednesday-Friday night with Scott's family in Wild Dunes/Isle of Palms. Wyatt had a blast playing with his cousins and swimming with them. He boogie boarded for the first time on some small waves. I was a nervous wreck about it but Scott was right by him the whole time. He loved it! We then went to Murrells Inlet to spend the rest of the long weekend with my family. Wyatt was all over my sister. He adores her! We stayed on the inlet so we caught some crabs and fished. I got to hang out for several hours at the outlet mall so I was very happy about that. We also went to see the Dixie Stampede which was a lot of fun as always. It was a very enjoyable trip away! We were able to relax and not think too much about reality.
I have a regular OB visit tomorrow morning with a little blood work for some standard testing. Please pray that we are able to hear her heartbeat by doppler this time. We haven't been able to hear it with the doppler yet so I always have to get an ultrasound. It's a little bit of a pain but nice to see her on the TV! It would be so nice to have a regular visit for once! Next Tuesday is our big appointment with Dr. Shuler (pediatric cardiologist). He found her HLHS very early so he will be able to see even more next week as I will be just over 19 weeks. He said he usually doesn't look at hearts until 20 weeks and he saw me at just over 16 weeks. He is concerned because HLHS only worsens throughout the pregnancy. We really need for things to not get any worse so that she is at least a candidate for the Norwood (heart reconstruction surgery) upon birth. That is why we are praying tomorrow night!


The Hardy Family said...

I'm so glad you were able to have such a wonderful trip to the beach with your family. I know that's probably just what you needed! That is so great that Shannon is having a prayer time at church tomrrow night. I will hopefully be there! Have a great day and I will continue to lift you and your baby girl up in prayer today and everyday!

The Estridge 5+ said...

Scott and Rebecca,

Thank you Scott for sharing your family's news with me today. We will certainly keep you and your family in our prayers while you face this challenge. You are two of the most prepared and well equipped people to take on a challenge such as this. Obviously, God has a plan with this and you guys will figure out what that is. Let me know if there is anything that we can do to help you guys out.

Casey, Shannon, Tyler, Caroline, Foster Estridge

jc said...

I am so happy that we got to spend some time together last weekend. I had so much fun with Wyatt, he is my buddy! I know that we will have several more vacations, but next time with the little girl. I am praying everyday that God will put His hand around her heart and heal her. I love you so much Rebecca, more than I love anyone (other than Daddy) and I hate that you are going through this! I will continue to pray everyday that God gives your family strength. I love you and know that Mama is talking/begging Jesus right now to heal your little girl. Love you always, JC