Saturday, May 04, 2024

{Easing into Summer}

Slower rhythms and sweet mornings...saying yes to things that matter and making space for people that mean the most.  This is our summer.  

And...snakes.  Because it's summer!  Just one so far and we are thankful to have found it before it got to the chickens!  Bear hauled it off way down the dirt roads.  

The hens are in high production with warmer days and longer sunshine hours. 

Lots of little helpers! 

Golf for the guys...

the never ending cicada least we don't have it hear it for 13 more years! 

Teaching tiny baby chicks where they will grow up and lay eggs...

and things coming back to life...with pink petals...

endless hours out of doors...

and placing in the top 3 in a sport you've never competed in! 

Math when we get to least a couple times a week...and we are officially easing into summer.

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