Friday, April 05, 2024

{April Adventures: Part One}

Have you ever seen a more fitting shirt for this girl??? 

She also made fast work of her Easter legos.

More beautiful days outdoors!  AJ is always the best bouquet picker! 

The old White House azaleas were blooming and I just had to sneak my fancy camera over there for a minute. 

There was a little sliver of the gluten free lemon pound cake left and it was highly coveted!  It will definitely have to be made again! 

Turkeys are very curious and AJ wasn't so sure about that. 

Waiting for AG while she takes piano lessons.  Someone doesn't like to sit on her's always her feet propped up under her or halfway hanging out of the seat. 

Getting closer and closer each day. 

Another lego creation from AG

And new whiteboards for each of the girls.  We just were struggling with some subjects this year and it was proving to be time for a change.  We are loving our new ELA and Math!  We are incorporating these little boards and they love taking turns being the teacher.  

Constantly cleaning eggs.  And I mean constantly! 

Playing with white balance and loving the results on my sweet little subject! 

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