Friday, March 15, 2024

{March Madness: Part Two}

Isn't it tradition that as soon as the days get longer and the heat a little higher that you should also find random projects to tackle???  Some used but still in decent working order Adirondacks were on my list for a long time to go around the fire pit/bonefire area.  A local lady had four for a steal...just had to tighten them up (Thank you, Bear) and give them a fresh coat of paint.  I seem to be a pro at finding ways to fill our days when things are already pretty crazy busy! 

Perfect! They got another coat of paint and are very happily waiting for us to bonfire someday soon! 

We celebrated our Double Bubble! She is EIGHT!!! Chocolate donuts for breakfast were her is still in a few days! 

We had a busy day but still managed to have some fun...and made a stop at Loveland's for a treat.

Baseball with Bear behind the plate catching

And nothing says that you have big brothers like a silly string surprise after blowing out your candles!  Bubba came up with this was such a treat to have him home for spring break this week! 

Things are getting green! 

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