Sunday, December 10, 2023

{Jammed Packed Calendar & Overflowing Hearts}

 This week included a getaway to Charleston for Mom & Dad, the end of the semester program for our homeschool co-op at church, the girls caroling at a local nursing home, Bear saudering on the kitchen counter after he whittled a new handle for his ax, going to see the Christmas Cantata at church with Grandaddy and Mimi and Mom's Bible Study group's Christmas dinner.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! 

AJ has made the sweetest little friend this year, EliseGrace.  AJ has a way of always knowing who may be shy or timid and making them feel welcome.  They are precious friends. 

Also, the girls got a night at Grandaddy and Mimi's house...they went to see a drive thru nativity, too! 

Fancy water courtesy of Tecova's on King St.

We had the absolute best little getaway...Charleston never disappoints!  We had Burwell's Steakhouse for dinner and SNOB for lunch...shopped King St and I got some work done photographing the oldest churches in the South. 

Scott and I took a photo here (in front of the fountain that was covered into a tree for Christmas) over 23 years ago.  It was so fun standing there together all the years later! Little did we know all those years ago...

The photos uploaded all a jumbled mess but we have a new anniversary now...ha! It definitely made the trip extra fun! 

These ladies are an answer to prayer.  God is so kind! 

Nearly a year ago, I journaled some hopes and prayers for 2023...I was craving "intentional community" and "simplifying my circle". I had written "community in church" and "find a Ladies Bible Study" as major goals after such devastating loss of realizing who was really a transformative friend and who was only transactional.  I knew I deeply desired these things but I didn't know if they were really possible.  God met me in each of those ways through these ladies.  The best part is that several of them were already in some of my memories God called to mind when I was ready to walk away from church altogether. He brought a few of them to mind specifically in how they truly emulated The Body of Christ to our family in years past.  When I was asked to join their small group early in the spring, I had no idea that God would use them to redeem so much.  

My BFF's hubby came to town for work and this is literally the only photo I have.  ha!  He joined us for church and then lunch where he and AJ hit it off over fortune cookies. 

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