Sunday, December 31, 2023

{Finishing Strong}

We wrapped up our last week of 2023 with tons of fun...and some not so fun.  Bubba got his wisdom teeth out so we spent a few, much needed, days laying low at home and rang in the New Year with a sparkling cider toast at 9pm.  We had a fancy candlelight Italian dinner (spaghetti) and ice cream cones.  So thankful for The Lord's sovereign hand of provision over our family this past year.  

As I chose ornaments a month or so ago to give everyone to symbolize this year (as the kids have one for each year since they were born/with us), I never get one for myself but after choosing a sleeping deer hunter in a stand for Scott, a golf bag for Wyatt, a buck/deer for Luke, a marshmallow filled cup of hot cocoa for AG and a sparkly tiara for AJ- The Spirit pressed in to tell me to find something for myself.  He led me to a beautiful snow-covered glittering little church that has a light inside and whispered that "this was the year I reminded you where you belong and gave you community".  He is so kind.  

He has given me a couple of words to declare over 2024 but those are just between us...I didn't seek one that I wanted but asked what He wanted for me.  And after a little wait, His answer was clear.  

So here's to a year of growth and truly seeing His goodness in the valley and eager anticipation for another chapter of trusting Him more. 

Had to!  I've got a photo like this for many years...he always gets the last drop! 

The rest of the week involved putting up our Christmas decor, making sure we get pictures of things we want to remember before they go away (like the girls devotional snowmen that they made as we studied the attributes of God thanks to our church always having something meaningful to do with them in this season as well) and Dad getting in some swings with his new clubs! Bear spent his last few days of 2023 in the woods hunting per usual.  

Had to get a photo of his workout attire! 

She's dressed by 7am and dressed up by noon! 

Good sleep for the oral surgery patient! 

Can't wait to see their relationship continue to grow in the adulting season of raising kids! 

Time together is never wasted. 

Thankful for 2023 and expectant for 2024.  Soli Deo Gloria! 

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