Sunday, December 24, 2023

{Baskets, Bon-fires & Best Friends}

This year marked 15 years of making our big Christmas haul of Annabelle Baskets to the Pediatric Cardiology ICU at MUSC Children's Hospital. 

This year had to of been the nicest and best basket delivery yet! 

And nearly all of it was donations!!!  AMAZING! 

We spent the day enjoying our time together...eating all the best Charleston has to offer, walking The Battery and taking photos, and just being together.  

The rest of the week included a last minute family bon-fire get together...our annual Christmas dinner with our old Sunday school best friends from our class many years ago...and going to see the lights in Newberry with Keith and Hope.  

Bubba got the day off for Charleston {we planned it around his schedule so he could be there, too} and then he was working nonstop! So thankful for his work ethic and determination! 

This is US!  Boys playing games, AG asleep and AJ always smiling! 

WOW...God is so very kind. I had absolutely no idea when I thought it would be fun to put together an amazon gift registry that it would turn into this...just WOW!!! Every single item was purchased. 

This girl is such a great helper!  She worked so hard to help me get these assembled. 

Thankfully Bubba introduced us to poker over Thanksgiving...I'm not a gambler and we don't play for money but it's a really fun way to engage several generations.  Scott's dad was playing and especially the teens...and then AG, of course, who won! 

We found the BEST burger place in Chas.  Heavy's for the win!  The best gluten free buns I've ever tasted in my life, too...the owner's daughter is celiac and was our waitress.  So cool. 

These people are friends for life!  We were in SS class together 12 years ago (maybe more?) and have the best friendships. 

Such a special visit...these people mean the world.  Never did I imagine, 15 years later Dr Graham would be giving us a tour of his new PCICU with three more kids in tow...and a truck load of baskets.  He walked us around the old PCICU August 2007 and that visit changed everything.  Now, he's the Chief but still just as kind and humble and compassionate.  And Cheryl!  And Christine!  What a sweet, sweet time...


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