Sunday, November 12, 2023

{A Sweet Week and Some Celebrating}


I started off the week heading to The Holy City where my autoimmune specialist is located.  After a really great appointment {supplements, sleep, diet and that beloved sauna are all moving my antibodies in the right direction}.  The reality is that this is lifelong and will always be a battle but I am just so grateful for tools to help me in the journey.  That "thorn in the flesh" keeps me humble and dependent on Jesus every day for strength...and for that I am thankful. 

Plus, this view every few months to just sit in the sunshine and take in the city we all adore is just lovely! I was nearly smacked in the face by a butterfly as soon as I sat down, too.  Of course. 

Coming home to this is the sweetest!  Grandaddy took over and had Luke and the girls for the day.  I think they had more fun than me! 

And AJ pulled her tooth out in Grandaddy's truck on the way to Chic-fil-A!  Apparently, she asked Grandaddy for a napkin as they were driving saying that her tooth was bleeding.  Next thing they knew, she was holding her tooth in her hand.  

Since Wyatt went to college, we haven't had to do the "Tooth Fairy" much and we forgot!  He was always so good about running to grab a treat for them at the grocery store late at night although they clearly know the tooth fairy is fake.  But, it's still a little fun surprise.  Oops!  

She was 100% ok with me just grabbing some chocolate coins out of the candy stash in the safe though.  Whew! 

This is what she does with Jenga blocks.  She turns them into high heels.  HA! 

We had the prettiest week with temperatures in the 80s!  Lots of outdoor walks in the sunshine for everyone! 

We celebrated Boss' 2nd birthday first...

Oh to only get one good photo but this one is LIFE! 

The donations just keep coming in!  I literally had to add items to the amazon wish list because every single thing had been purchased.  WOW! 

Never neglect this's always worth it. 

And while the kids were at their homeschool co-op, I got some Christmas shopping done and then decided to stay nearby instead of driving all the way home for a brief time frame.  I popped on my tennis shoes and walked two more glorious miles in the parking lot.  So beautiful!  

Sweet and silly girls having their afternoon hot cocoa on the porch and chatting away.  

Oh how I pray they always stay this close...

Grateful always for glimpses into their co-op days!!! 

And then Friday we celebrated our fearless leader!  He took the day off work and hunted, then napped, then bonfired and celebrated with his tribe {and his daddy came too!}.  

Well earned, my love...

We also got our new fridge delivered!  The other one lasted nearly 7 years and we really liked it so we basically got the same thing just newer.  It's huge and that's a gift.  We don't really use the freezer space with 3 freezers in the garage so we like having the flex fridge space on the bottom, too.  

The first thing to go in was Scott's cake...because the icing was starting to melt in the 80s with all the doors open.  

Always hugging her Daddy

Bear hauled branches out of the woods all week to build a big one for his Dad!  He knew that Scott would love it and he was right.  

Cake on the porch!  In November!  Just perfect...

I also made a huge pot of venison chili and Scott's dad brought over brats that Bear grilled over the fire.  

Nothing is better than family! 

We love you, Dad!  

Bubba came straight off the golf course from practice to join us and it's always hard seeing him go.  He knows our sweet old Bo is slowing down and he always takes extra time for him, too. 

Saturday was slow and lovely...and AJ joined me for a fun snap to her Bubba.  She asks me most mornings by breakfast to snap her Bubba so he gets it from all of us regularly!  

Another beautiful week...the days are getting fuller and pretty soon we will be in the thick of the holidays. So, I moved my alarm back about 30 minutes and am being more intentional in slowing down where I can.  We are starting a new unit study next week for school that will put us on the couch together reading even more and prepare our hearts for Christ's coming.  Goodness knows, there will be enough pulling us other directions and it's such a gift to slow our hearts for the season and really be present when we are together.  That was what this week was all about...what a gift! 

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