Tuesday, September 19, 2023

{September: Learning and Loving}

 Oh how I adore these days!  They are full, full, full...but they are so beautiful!  I look back over these days with Wyatt and miss them so much.  I truly didn't know how lovely it was...and, as with most things in life, am learning and loving them more in this season.  They will be gone far too soon.

So, we relished in three perfect little dental appointments.  Bear and Panda girl have some loose teeth but no cavities for any of them! Way to go, kiddos! 

Another week of Grounded!  This was my week to drop them off and get some time alone.  I had some work to focus on so that occupied the bulk of it but it was still so nice to know they were being loved on and learning while I could get my work done, too.  

They made rain gauges that have already been put into use! 

The teachers do the best job taking photos of the younger classes throughout the day and posting them to a private Facebook group for us to see what they were up to! It's the sweetest snapshot into their day. 

What a blessing for the girls to be in the same class!  AG is such a diligent student and tries so hard.  Inclusion is key! She has no clue that she's chronologically so much older (3-4 years) than the others in her class but developmentally she fits right in and LOVES it! 

AJ has made a sweet little friend and came home to make her new friend a bracelet.  

They got to pretend being newscasters in front of a green screen! How fun! 

And then there's this...You know it's deer season when there are bows on the school table! Bear had already been in the woods once this morning. 

Goofing off with the kids after dinner.  Love this kid! 

And this one, too!  She's just precious. 

We had a makeup drum lesson and took the opportunity to swing by Belle's to update her resting place for the fall.  AJ made sure to put on a show on the marble bench, AG took the little hand broom and swept up everyone's spots for them and Bear used his engineering genius to help me get the cross in precisely the correct position.  We wrapped up our time there by praying together and I was so overcome with emotion. The Lord has been so kind to give us three more children we never knew He had for us...and they were standing there holding and hugging me while I prayed.  Life always follows death.  Always. 

AG and I got creative in the kitchen and made some fall spice muffins {gluten free and dairy free, of course}.  Everyone seemed to enjoy them! 

We picnicked at church before their Awana and Luke's small group.  AJ quickly found herself the sandbox. 

Love these slow Saturday mornings...staying in jammies and just taking it easy.  

And...my husband knows me so well!  He had a job site in Walterboro and knows I've fallen in love with Robert Mills architecture in our state through studying it to write an article for work.  So, he took this and sent it to me!  Isn't that the prettiest courthouse you've ever seen?  Too bad the Murdaugh trial just had to be there.  It's so lovely! 

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