Monday, August 14, 2023

{August: Week One}

Healing and hunting...wrapping up summer and easing into school...August has begun! 

Bear's wound is doing well!  I take pictures every few days to document the healing process and also so we can pinpoint where he is incase anything changes.  He's seen his pediatrician twice and both times have been really good reports.  We are cleaning, dressing and applying topical antibiotics still but he finished the second oral antibiotic and tolerated it well.  So thankful!  We know this will leave a scar permanently {and we all think scars are pretty awesome!} but it's getting the rock like inflammation under the skin to reduce that is our next goal.  The puncture wound itself will take months.  

Stingray injury or not, this kid was not going to miss opening day of Deer Season!  He went out for youth hunt day and got himself a 5 point buck in velvet! Time to fill those freezers! 

The kids are slowly going through the parade's literally in the gun safe.  ha! We had a cloudy afternoon and watched a movie together.  AJ chose a blue lollipop and was amazed at her tongue.  Bless! 

Praise God for this man who works before the sun comes up and travels all over the place and then comes home to give it his all again every night.  He makes the most of every moment and tonight Bear wanted to play airsoft.  How fun! 

Mr. Ernie keeps finding old treasures and giving them to Luke.  He can add a paintball gun to his arsenal now.  

Does she look totally grown up here or what?!?  I can't handle it.  

Our sweet Bo-Bo.  He will be 13 years old this fall.  He's my very loyal companion and always sleeps in the hall by me.  

Youth hunt day for AG, too!  She and Dad didn't see anything and she was hot and then there was a storm so that was all for this gal.  She loves the getting ready to hunt part but I'm not sure she's totally sold on sitting in the woods and being quiet for so long just yet.  

More baby eggs!  And more gorgeous colors!  Almost all the babies are laying now and we are getting right at 2 dozen eggs a day. 

Pics are totally out of order but here's the serious paintball face.  ha! 

I keep trying to figure out how to simplify things.  It's a constant struggle!  But one thing I really despise is having to come home and cook after church on Sunday.  Everyone is hungry and just ready to eat.  So, we have been trying a few things to prep on Saturday.  AJ was in charge of breakfast and made us maple sausage balls.  I tried a chicken Marbella recipe in the crockpot instead of the oven and it turned out really well! 

Sunday afternoon we celebrated with family as Maggie leaves for her freshman year at Charleston Southern this week! Aunt Jenn had a photo booth and the kids {and adults} had the best time taking photos.  

See???  This is two days.  Crazy town. 

The girls and I went to ElizaAnne's birthday party at our favorite gym.  AJ was right at home.  AG and I stayed pretty close and she tried some things with a little guidance.  It was so fun. 

Our garden is yielding a harvest these days...we even got our first zucchini! 

Boss.  Oh, Boss.  He just loves people so much. 

Another night, another airsoft war. 

Still easing into school!  We are doing an Apologetics study of the Old Testament this year with our Morning Time.  We are loving it already!  This day's study was on the Rainbow Covenant. 

Yep, right at home!  She scares me but always manages to land on her feet somehow. 

Setting the table for morning time the night before is a must!  

Sweet AG can't stand to watch anything remotely bad/sad/etc.  She will plug her ears and cover her face.  This moment in the movie was completely benign but she is super sensitive.  Bless her! 

Big brothers helping with math make my life easier.  And I'm so thankful! 

After party goodie bag dress up!  Mrs. Sarah always has the best treats! 

And still healing!  It's come so far in a week! The doctor still reminded us that there is a literal hole in his arm so it's going to be a long while.  But, the surface looks great! 

We went to the Little Mountain Reunion Festival.  Lots of tractors and floats and candy and antique cars.  

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