Monday, July 11, 2022

{Lazy Mornings & Late Nights}

Typically the kids are dressed and ready for the day by breakfast...however, this summer I have let loose a bit and jammies are very much acceptable attire many of the days we don't go anywhere.  At the least, they typically get into a swimsuit at some point during the day anyways.  Bear has now finished all the cityscape Lego kits that we got at the beginning of summer.  He built London, San Francisco and Dubai. 

The pups underfoot is also very typical! 

More late night ball games...with lots of rain delays.  This game was not going very well.  It was tight and against a really great team.  The sky was ominous from the first pitch and lightning delay was called by the 2nd inning.  Scott and Bear decided to wait it out while I took off on home with the girls.  The boys ended up getting the game in and WON!  So much fun that they were there! 

When one of your besties has autoimmune conditions in her home also and she farms...I finally get some SAFE food!!!  We love to support local farms and have done so for years but something changed this past delivery with the local farm we have used and the pork made me horribly ill.  I flared within hours and the only thing we could figure out was that the pigs were fed something that didn't have time to get fully worked out before they were processed.  I flare horribly to gluten, soy, corn and eggs.  The chest pain that I got several months ago to that previous farm's pork was the exact same that I had 5 years ago that was when we realized corn is a culprit.  Anyways, a dear friend moved to NC and has a farm now.  When her boys came to visit last week, we purchased a few months worth of meat from them.  I cannot even articulate how much of a blessing it is to eat food that I know is safe and won't flare me.  So it's a win-win!  We get to continue supporting friends' small business and we get super clean, delicious meat!  The maple breakfast sausage here is my favorite! 

Finally got to the sunglass hut and got new shades!  My old Costa's are somewhere in the Atlantic but I am loving these new ones! 

Surprise milkshake date with my Bear! 

On Friday, Scott surprised the boys and took them to Carowinds.  They had the best time!  They rode every rollercoaster on their list at least once and Fury three times.  They laughed over Luke's hysterics {screams and faces} and this photo captures it perfectly...Scott holding on for dear life, Wyatt watching Luke and Luke losing it!  The best memories!!! 

Scott got to see his favorite race car! 

I texted them for photos so I'm so thankful they sent these to mark this day! 

While the boys were playing, the girls were at home tending to chickens and swimming!  No surprise there! The chickens especially like when we cut up a watermelon or cantaloupe.  They get the rind and eat it up. 

The boys! 

The girls! 

And another book that I am slowly making my way through this summer.  I am savoring every word and taking a while to digest it all.  Such a wealth of knowledge and advice! 

On Saturday morning, the boys went to work at Grandaddy's and help with his Scott and I took the girls on a date to Loveland's for coffee/tea and gluten free goodies!  The owner's wife has autoimmune issues also and has made sure that there are lots of goodies for all to enjoy!  Our favorites are the lemon lavender muffin and chocolate chip cookie! The girls were such a dream.  They brought coloring books to play with and then also spent time in the little kid's area with its playhouse and play kitchen.  

To wrap up our week, Scott took the girls on their drive through date to Sonic...and those sweet little princesses brought back two more for their big brothers.  Oh my heart is full!  

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