Sunday, January 23, 2022

{Snow of the South}

 God gave us a fun weekend in the South with the first snow we've seen in about 7 years.   It came down late on Friday evening and was still a white winter wonderland on Saturday morning...leading to a full day of snowballs and snow cream and then trying to get warm again.  The kids loved it!  It was our first snow at our home {we've been here just over 5 years already} and so beautiful to see our meadow covered in white.  Wyatt joked that our house was camouflaged.  It truly was so pretty! 

These three were the early birds getting out to play first. 

Our own little version of Narnia.  

And of course they figured out how to make snowballs pretty quickly and play dodgeball with them.  Bear won here I do believe! 

This sensory seeking little doll was in paradise! 

She would walk all over the front field just to hear the crunch. 

Our sweet Bo was not a fan of the cold, white powder.  We did get him to sit still for just a second but he was not having it.  Ever met a Golden Retriever who hates the water?  Yep!  He is one!  He'll even go potty with two feet on the sidewalk to avoid getting his paws wet.  

After our morning fun, I hopped on the treadmill to have a pretend walk in the snow through the window.  As I was walking, I thought that we definitely needed a family photo in the snow!  So, we dug out the tripod and I got the 10 second timer set up on my fancy camera and off we went.  I'm so grateful this crew puts up with my crazy ideas at the drop of a hat!  They were all nice and cozy inside and happily obliged. 

They did, however, only shoot for ONE photo and then were done.  Snowball fights ensued very quickly after I told them that I think I had gotten one.  

And then sweet Panda got one on Bubba!  She was so proud and he played along with it just like the best biggest brother there ever was! 

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