Thursday, January 13, 2022

{Quarantine Cuties}

Looks like 2020 followed us right into 2021 which followed us right into 2022!  After an amazing first few days of the new year, we are pretty sure we got the "C" again after 14 months of steering clear of it.  Other than a long morning for Mom and a couple rough days for Panda, all else are faring quite well...and a few haven't shown the first sign of anything at all!  

This one keeps me convinced that the longer you live in an orphanage, the stronger your immune system.  She is never sick! 

She is quite silly though! 

Natural response to life in general, babe! 

Panda not quite feeling her best but tough as nails.  

When mom doesn't feel well, the kids can wear anything they'd like...which includes Christmas sweatshirts and princess costumes!  And our emotional support therapy dog is clearly fulfilling his duties well! 

And the kids get wayyyy more time on screens than usual, too.  

At least I made this one do some reading on an educational app though.  She was soaking it up and is learning more each and every day! 

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