Monday, December 06, 2021

{December Details: 9}

The French Family Christmas with Grandmama was as lively and fun as ever this year.  She's nearly 96 and still has the best personality.  Someone gave her a card titled "One of a Kind" and she said "Y'all better thank the Good Lord that He only made one of me!"  And she's not kidding!  She is a hoot! 

The way she looks at AG is just the sweetest.  I have always thought it was so precious the way that both Scott and my grandmothers just instantly took to our adopting.  Something about that generation made me think they would think we were nuts but they have always supported us and just adored our girls.  My grandmother {when she was living} couldn't have been more thrilled to finally have a grand baby with her brown eyes.  So sweet!  They have lived and experienced so much from both World Wars and The Depression and so much more and choose love- may my life be the same. 

90 whole years {and one month} between these two!  

Bear sharing his love of the drums with his sisters is so sweet.

Bear got some birds!  We had friends downsizing and selling their home that needed to find a new home for their laying hens.  So, we are back in the bird business I guess.  ha!  He has been taking excellent care of them and they are really such social birds.  One is a golden comet and the other hen is a Sussex. 

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