Monday, December 06, 2021

{December Details: 7}

Bear is stepping up his hunting game with a new bow! 

Bubba got some money to do some work to his truck, new shoes and a new thin line Bible that's easier to carry around.

In addition to his bow, Bear got new shoes also and a new devotional.

AJ got a new read aloud Bible story book and Barbie dream camper.  She really enjoyed playing with her cousin's at Thanksgiving so we hunted down one for her and began their Barbie collection.

AG got a puzzle board and new puzzles and then together...

The girls got a new {to them} Barbie princess house.  This may have been the steal of the century as it's nearly 5 feet tall, came with all the furniture and 6 princess barbies {fully assembled which my husband really appreciates} and for only $40.  Thank you FB Marketplace! 

Another day, another hunk of meat to be smoked by my hunk!

A few random photos taken while in Chas...

Selfies were the only way to capture us all {totally forgot my tripod}.  Oh well! This is life! 

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