Monday, December 06, 2021

{December Details: 5}

Sometimes taking a little breather from school is just what everyone needs to take off again!  We slowed our schooling down for what I refer to as Christmas School.  This girl was finally ready to take on her entire name and learned to spell it on her own!  That's quite a feat with the names I tend to give my girls! 

Our church had someone take photos at the Christmas Ball when they arrived and I just loved this one! 

We updated our Belle's resting place...and I snuck away for a day to Charleston {well, I had a doctor's appointment there but didn't just turn around and come home- and soaked up some things that bring me life there} to recharge before a very hectic couple of weeks.

I picked up Five Loaves lunch & headed to Pitt St Bridge where I was nearly alone with these views.  It was gorgeous so I ate outside and then took a walk down the bridge. 

My Bear had the fun of getting to dress up as Santa at their youth Christmas party after he played drums in the band.  I made sure to take a photo and sit on his lap! The funniest thing about this is that I don't think he's ever believed in "Santa" his entire life.  His big brother knew better and we have never really done the whole Santa thing...wanting our kids to believe in Jesus & focus on Him this season and always...anyways so many reasons we don't do the big guy but he sure had fun!

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