Saturday, November 13, 2021


Bubba and I spent last Friday touring what may be our last college tour, Charleston Southern University.  We packed up early and hit the road stopping in Summerville for an incredible lunch at Five Loaves Cafe.  Then, we headed to the school for a tour, meeting with admissions and meeting with the head baseball coach.  It was so much fun!  Neither of us had high expectations and had kinda crossed it off his list but left there completely impressed and putting it near the top! We got a photo with Bucky in the cafeteria, took a selfie by the water and truly had the most fun together.  It is truly a privilege to have a son who is so well spoken and kind that you just really love being around each other.  Whether this becomes his choice or not, it was a day very well spent! 

Mask selfies...because although our state does not have a mask mandate, they make you wear one indoors.  I just don't get it.  I honestly haven't worn a mask in months {maybe even last fall?} so this was different.

He was even my chauffeur for the day driving both there and back home!  

The baseball team was practicing while we met with the coach for nearly an hour and a half.  It was fun to see how things are really run there.

I had to get a photo of "dem bones" for Dubbie.  She is not a fan but their medical/science classrooms truly were impressive. 

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