Thursday, June 24, 2021

{Seabrook 2021: Thursday}

More fishing today except this time the boys got a special trip out with Dad to do some inshore fishing near Kiawah. Bear caught a toad fish and an impressive Red Fish that was too big to even keep.  They had a fun, long morning on the water while the girls & I held down the fort at the condo.  I let the girls have a lazy morning of watching a movie while I put myself in "Mommy's Timeout" and enjoyed my hot tea on the porch overlooking the 18th green while reading my favorite coffee table magazine Eden & Vine.  It was lovely!  

Eventually, I took the girls to the pool {something we don't often do since we have one in our backyard and really try to enjoy the beaches most of our trip}.  It wasn't too crowded but the water was really chilly which means that one of my daughters {mhmm, Panda} refused to get in.  So, that was fairly short-lived and then we went back to the condo for lunch.  Our friends were at the other pool near the horse farm of the island so we tried that one out after lunch and the girls did more swimming there...having buddies to swim with apparently made the water temperature more tolerable.  ;) 

We spent the evening back at the beach...went for a walk with just Mom and Bub...and then fished and played in the surf until the sunset. 

Exactly what vacation should be! 

First a few iPhone photos of the day...

I also got to enjoy my afternoon iced matcha on the porch too!  This time, I had a little visitor while watching the alligator and flying fish.  

Luke's catch!  We were hoping to get to keep it to eat but it was too big!  

And a few with the fancy camera...

These two joined me on the porch in the afternoon so I had to sneak in a few photos of just them.  The original baby and the surprise baby.  God truly does write the best stories! 

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