Wednesday, April 14, 2021

{The simple statement that left me undone...}

 My littlest and I are pretty tight.  Our days go much smoother if there's time for snuggling and cuddling and her being in my arms each morning.  She may have hated me the first moment we met and clearly showed off her intelligence the moment her nanny tried to sneak out of that conference room as she turned immediately towards me and said "Bye!" meaning every single bit of it...but now...oh, she doesn't leave my side and will choose Mommy every single time.  

I have seen God's redemptive hand through her time and time again.  He knows my grief and He saw the years of what I thought would be not turning out the way I hoped and He had me wait a little longer and then when I least expected it,  He gave me her.  Unexpected Joy.  My constant companion and sweet shadow.

And today, totally in the mundane kitchen chores, she twirls around me and says "Mommy, I just want to be like you." 

My heart soared and dropped at exactly the same moment.

The weight of this role isn't taken lightly and I fail miserably daily.  Yet, she chooses to see only the good and admirable and lovely.  The parts of me that I struggle to recognize myself.  Her focus is the same as His...filled with kindness and love.  Oh to give myself the grace that they do.

My darling baby girl, I pray He gives you depth of character and gentleness of spirit.  Compassion for the lost and grit for the journey.  I pray your strength is of His... where His power is always made perfect.  I pray your worth is found in His Word and you always know you are 1000% a princess of the Most High King. 

*And, if there was just one thing I'd rather you not be just like me in, it's the driving department...your brothers would agree! ;) 

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