Sunday, February 14, 2021

{Making a Statement}

 Months and months ago, I happened upon a front porch sign in one of my Instagram searches that just stopped me in my tracks.  The words immediately calmed my soul and spoke exactly what I wanted each person to know as they arrive at our home.  I took a quick screenshot and tossed around the idea of trying to recreate it myself but knew that just wasn't what I should do. Anyone who has seen me with power tools and paint knows that is the Gospel truth, too!  The sign I had found online was custom made in Indiana and cost a fortune to ship so far away.  So, I waited knowing at some point it'd work out.  Over the past few months, the Lord has brought a precious family into our lives...a friend for Bear and a family that intimately understands the complexity of parenting a child with medical needs.  And...the mom makes the most beautiful farmhouse decor from scratch herself...including signs similar to the one I had saved months ago.  It didn't take me long to ask her if she could make a sign similar to the one I had long adored.  This time, though, I was able to choose the fonts and colors and size and truly make it ours.  She finished it up recently and Scott got it hung up in just the right spot...right over the antique outdoor sofa my grandmother had on her front porch where my daddy first sat down about 47 years ago to ask for a date with my mother.  

Welcome Home
...where hope abounds, love heals and forgiveness is never earned...
You Belong Here

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