Monday, October 26, 2020

{Panda turns 8!}

 Our darling Panda girl turned 8!  All she talked about was having a DONUT party...decorate donuts, eat donuts, color donut coloring sheets, play "donut"hole by throwing balls into the donut, you name it!  She had the ideas! 

She invited a few little friends for a fun Friday night early birthday celebration! 

My babies before the party! 

Plus the furry kid!

The girls were very excited and ready to stick their fingers in all the things but did very well being patient. 

Gotta get Daddy in there, too! 

Our Panda girl ready for her friends to arrive!

Bubba snapped this of me having a little quiet moment in S's arms before the party.  It was such a busy week and day but getting to do all of this for her is truly a gift! 

The party has begun! Panda picked out chocolate, vanilla & strawberry icing for everyone to choose from first and then chocolate chips, marshmallows and sprinkles as toppings!  Everyone enjoyed their sugar laden donuts so much that hardly anyone ate cake or cupcakes! 

Time to sing to the Birthday Girl! 

She truly radiates joy! 

Blowing out 8 candles was hard work but she did it!!!

On to opening her presents! 

One of her favorite gifts is a big, cozy donut blanket from her favorite Mrs. Sarah {her speech therapist and my sweet friend}. 

She got lots of fun crafting supplies and legos, too!  

Mrs. Sarah used to teach AG's cousin, JJ, too so they all piled on her for a hug {the doll on the left with the bow is her daughter clearly wanting to be set free to run & play!}.  

Andie-Grace had the BEST time celebrating another blessed birthday!  She makes it easy, too!  God has blessed us all immensely with her and the immeasurable miracles He has performed in her life! 

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