Thursday, March 05, 2020

{Simple Pleasures}

My kids have always been the ones to use produce bags at the grocery store as make shift gloves and Costco's purple gloves truly are the icing on the cake for them.  You can find us strolling the aisles with all kids donning the gloves that I'm sure are for the employees and clearly not intended as play toys for the massive amounts of children that come through.  Thankfully anyone who has noticed them {that's a lot!} seem to get the biggest laugh out of seeing my kiddos take such joy in something so simple.  Although this unmedicated mother with OCD takes the most joy in seeing them taking extra measures to stay healthy and clean!

With the sick season surrounding us all, we took all precautions when we needed a quick run into our favorite big box store...and then Panda snuck an extra in her jacket pocket for some playtime at home.  She clearly remembers the hours on end we spent entertaining her with "balloon" gloves in the hospital years ago...and the novelty hasn't run out yet! All while dressed as Cinderella, of course!

And tomorrow marks 6 years we stepped off a plane from the other side of the world...with a tiny 12 pound little miracle girl over 17 months old...and now all the confidence and LOVE in the world!

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