Sunday, October 27, 2019

{Pandas & Pearls...our big girl turns SEVEN!}

How we've made it this long not having a panda themed party, I'll never know!  Our Panda girl has affectionately been called that since we first saw her face on the other side of the world...her big brothers quickly referring to her as such.  It was a done deal when our guide told us that the pinyin character for Panda means "China's treasure"...and that she surely is!

As our precious big girl has begun growing into her own big personality, we've been giving her more opportunities to make some pretty big the theme of the party, who was invited and even what we ate was all her choosing!

Pandas and Pearls, she said!

She invited a few sweet friends from church and her JJ, of course!  We crafted for over an hour...letting the littles have their way with making panda ear pom pom headbands and chunky bead bracelets.  It was super simple and super fun!

For Panda's cake, she wanted "black cookies" she got an cookies and cream cake {chocolate fudge cake with buttercream icing and "Oreos" smashed on top!  All gluten free, of course!}

She also wanted cupcakes so she chose white cake with half strawberry and half chocolate icing.  We found some little pearl looking candies at Hobby Lobby to tie it all together.

I can hardly believe the tiny little 12 pound, wearing a 6 month size sleeper pajama baby girl we met who could not even sit upright at nearly 16 months old is 7.  Time is a thief!  She's come so very far and has more than her share of challenges.  But, she has the sweetest spirit, the most nurturing soul, and the funniest little personality.  She begs me for "more school" every day and squeals with excitement when I tell her after she asks "what we have today?" in response "School with mommy!"  She is determined and diligent.  She breaks my heart in a million pieces when she asks questions about "her China"...and repeats daily that "mommy come get me there and I am so happy".  Our bond hasn't been easy by any means but it's a love that we've both fought for.  She is exactly what I needed to find a deeper trust in Jesus and her pure faith inspires me to more.  She loves others deeply and finds joy in literally every single situation and I would much rather have those glorious little attributes radiate the way they do in her than anything else.

Our Panda girl, you are 7!  Celebrating you is easy and getting to be the one is nothing short of the sweetest gift ever given.

Happy Birthday, my darling girl!

She spent the morning helping me set up!  Pajamas and all! :)

I purchased her t-shirt years ago for an adoption fundraiser for someone...if it's you, let me know!  It finally fits! 

Be still my heart...

The face I make when Panda takes her bow out and we are about to take birthday photos! ha!

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