Sunday, April 21, 2019

{Resurrection Sunday 2019}

You know you eat healthy when your 14 year old says he never has had "pop-tarts" and asks only for that for his Easter basket!  HA!  I had to! 

Someone is ready to get this Easter thing going!  

Raising these four is my favorite! 

Letting her biggest Bubba help her navigate this first Easter.  So precious!

Mermaids are her thing!  And who doesn't love Peeps??!!

Pool toys for the win!  He's been asking for a scuba mask for a year! 

Silly boy stuck chocolate on his front teeth when he noticed I was taking his photo! ;)

Everything in my life hinges on today being true.  On Jesus truly being raised to life on the Third Day.  I'd rather risk Eternity on that than opt for the chance of hell forever.  There's no in between.  Jesus either is the Son of God or He isn't.  I am thankful for a giant toss into the deep end of faith...where I learned quickly that when the only chance of ever seeing your daughter again is believing, you search it out...research the fool out of it...and wrestle with God's goodness in the face of the worst grief.  In the end, He's faithful and sovereign and so very good.  

Resurrection Sunday will forever be sacred to me.  It was only 4 days after Easter in 2008 that Annabelle went Home.  Memories of gathering at my Daddy's for lunch and then the beloved Egg Hunt (where Grandaddy stuffs the eggs with money) are still present today as much as they were then.  It's a bittersweet day...not only remembering what it means to our family but, so much more, in knowing that it was my sin that caused His death...and His lovingkindness that gave us new life through Christ's resurrection.  If there ever was a day to celebrate...surely it is today.   

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