Thursday, January 17, 2019

{Sweet Motivation}

This silly girl's daddy is determined to get her to be our first {& only} child to be potty trained before their 3rd birthday!  I'm more for bare bottomed days in the summer but this smartie pants is blowing us all away....and a little sweet Skittle motivation may be helping, too!

S says to her "You go potty.  You get candy!"

So, Double Bubble will run to the bathroom yelling "I go potty. I get candy!"

And, wouldn't you know it, that she is on her 4th day of staying dry all day long!  {I'm no fool to run out of the house with her in big girl panties just yet but she'll still keep her pull up dry when we are out and ask to go potty the moment we get back home!}

Seriously, she is making this potty training stage a dream!  What a treasure loving her is...whether she potty trains completely in the next 2 months or not.  She's our cherry on top & we are SO thankful we didn't miss the chance at calling her ours!

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