Sunday, January 27, 2019

{Fort Sumter}

For this special weekend {both Annabelle's birthday weekend & meeting/reuniting with AJ's very best buddy from her orphanage} we booked a room with a view...

After the sweetest reunion Friday evening, we decided to do something we've always talked about but never done...take the boat to Fort Sumter.  Bear was especially thrilled as he is studying South Carolina History this year!

The boat leaves Mt. Pleasant right beside the USS Yorktown.  So, we got an unclose and personal view of the fighting lady aircraft carrier from WW2 on our journey.  

AJ loved the boat ride!  The rest of us were a bit chilly headed out on the water but were thankful it was sunny skies!

We didn't know what the white cross was for on the way out to the Fort but learned once we were there that it was where Castle Pinckney used to be and was surrendered in the Civil War.  There were 4 forts that protected the Charleston Harbor during that time.  

We also got a lovely view of the Harbor & homes around The Battery on our ride.  

Fort Sumter from the water

The girls were more thankful for open fields of clover to play in than the cannons!  AG even found a few yellow flowers to "share" with me.  :) 

Wyatt was our photographer for the day!  Then, on the boat, I took over for a bit and surprised him! 

Love these two and their sweet bond! 

The tour lasted most of the afternoon so we had two sleepy girls by the end of it.  AG nodded off on her Daddy's lap in the sunshine...and AJ was asleep shortly thereafter.  It made for a quiet ride home!

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