Tuesday, December 25, 2018

{Merry Christmas 2018}

Another sweet babe in our arms this year...having fulfilled dreams that I longed for one year ago.  Wrapping presents for 4 little loves {well, one that may be taller than me but is still very much my baby} is a gift.  Truly a blessing from Above.  We began our Christmas Day as usual with Daddy reading from Luke 2 upstairs together before anything else was done.  We piled into Bear's bedroom and snuggled up while we listened to the promise and birth story of Jesus...our Savior...Emmanuel, God with us.  Then, we prayed together and headed downstairs to see what Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh awaited.  This is a tradition we began years ago and the children really enjoy.  Instead of a multitude of things, they give us ideas for a few really big things they would like...their "Gold".  Then, we select the rest...Frankincense is always something that will bring them closer to God...and Myrrh is something that will cover them as was used in the time of Christ.  It keeps Christmas simple and purposeful.  Then, we have fun with the stockings...which included lots of necessities like undies and socks and writing tablets {because my children LOVE to draw and write!}.

Everything laid out and ready to be unwrapped...

Funny how the presents get smaller as the kids get older! Smaller and yet somehow more expensive! 

First, Bear had to give his best buddy one of the many treats they got him...and this kept our sweet old boy busy chewing while we were busy unwrapping! 

Waiting patiently for her first Christmas to begin!!!

Bear surprised me and had a present for Annabelle under the tree.  He is notorious for wrapping things he loves and owns and giving them to others.  Once you've earned his trust, he is fiercely loving and loyal.  This was so thoughtful and I just loved it! 

We began with the littlest and went to the biggest.  Starting with Frankincense...the girls got books and the boys got tickets to see Needtobreathe with us in the spring and to see John Crist....their favorite Christian, homeschooled comedian!

They had a hunch on the NTB tickets but were totally shocked over John Crist! 

For Myrrh, the girls got shoes and the boys got Boston Red Sox World Series Champ shirts. 

For Gold, AJ got stepping stones & a wobble board,  AG got a karaoke machine, Bear got a new set of golf clubs and  Bubba got an iPhone! 

We also threw in an Under Armor t-shirt for Panda since she's been wearing the same one that Wyatt got her for the last 3 years.  Hopefully, she'll pass it down to AJ now.  This one says "I NEVER EVER GIVE UP!" and we thought it was quite appropriate for her! 

As you can imagine, it was a very loud...um...joyful morning!!! After presents, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!  Dub was taking it all in and learning each moment!

Since I was still not up to going much of anywhere due to recovering from surgery, we opened our home to any and all.  Scott's dad, affectionately known as Pappy to the kids, came by to join us for a low key charcuterie board lunch and taught the boys chess while the girls' napped.

Later in the day, we hosted my side of the family for our Christmas gathering.  My sister and I had chili going during the day and just combined that and added some extras to make an easy and yummy Christmas dinner.  Of course, there were still ample desserts as well! 

After presents, we ate and let the kids entertain us with song after song on the karaoke machine.  They turned the lights out and had a light show going too!  Aunt JC even took to the mic for a throwback to her middle school days as Belle in Beauty and the Beast!  It was the most fun! 


What a sweet, sweet day celebrating our Saviour's birth!  

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