Thursday, November 08, 2018

{My Sweet Little Window Smudger}

I may not have gleaming windows for a while now and that’s perfectly ok by me! This is little ray of sunshine loves to sit on the ledge and play her little heart out.  And, since we are super struggling with indiscriminate affection, lots of hunkering down at home is in our future.  😉 Thankful for friends who understand that attachment takes time and don’t immediately respond with an “I love you” in return when she runs full speed ahead at them for hugs and all the words of love she’s acquired these last 7 months.  Parenting kids from hard places is not an easy job but, by far, the greatest classroom I’ve ever been in…uprooting some insecurities in my own flesh and restoring us both in the process.  So, fingerprint these windows up, my dear…your mama is in this for the long haul & we’ve got redemption coming!

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