Wednesday, October 17, 2018

{Journey to Ailee James: 6 Months of Forever}

Today marks 6 months since I signed a piece of paper on the other side of this world promising to never abandon, abuse or neglect my daughter and promising to give this little ray of sunshine a family. Forever. The things that were asked pale in comparison to the things that she’s given.  She wasn’t lucky to be adopted and it isn’t perfect redemption that there’s joy streaming out of her smile…that wholeness just doesn’t come in a world where so many questions remain unanswered.   She has lost her parents, her culture and everything that first made her who she is.  She was essentially kidnapped 1/2 a year ago and has chosen to cling to hope…happiness…JOY in the midst of her whole world being turned upside down.  But, as I’ve slowly been let into her little heart these past months, she’s trusted me with some mighty things…fear being one of them…because somewhere, tucked deep within her soul, is the memory of being left and, my gracious, how overwhelmingly she always wants to know she’s found.  Isn’t that the very cry of our own hearts, too?  To know we are Known.  Loved.  Cherished.  Chosen.  Regardless of our past.  Deeply known.  And fully, completely, wholly loved.   So, yes, China I will always promise to take your daughter as mine but the example she is…the teacher she is…and the joy-bringer she is are, in every sense, showing me daily that I am the lucky one.  A downright blessed student in the classroom of her heart walking hand in hand into forever…because adoption has chosen us both.

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